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Double Take: Before & After Antique Mirror

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For a few months I’ve had this large ornate plastic wooden frame sitting in the corner of my bedroom with no purpose. I didn’t like it in its natural state, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to paint it a bold color, nor if I even wanted to keep it! That’s when I decided to see if I could give it a silver antique appearance. Here’s a few before pictures: The picture on the right shows after I unscrewed the …

A Week with The DIY Obsessed and Food Deprived Twins

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So I just realized today is Wednesday. I don’t remember much of Tuesday, except that Kah and I had one meal for the day and that was two Smuckers Uncrustables. Question of the day: Why do us crafty DIY folks starve in order to slave over a project? Perfect example, Kah and I were on vacation from our respective jobs last week and made the most of each day, including painting a dresser, thrifting, painting a large living room and …

Twinterest Tuesday: A Weekly Pinterest Round-up (8-16-11)

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Here’s another dose of Twinterest Tuesday! We love doing this round-up because it gives us a reason not to feel wrong for never closing out on our browsers. And one of our visitors actually found an item from last weeks post at the thrift store for $6. So glad we were able to twinspire someone. So here’s what caught our attention this week: Like this: Like Loading…

Moodboard Mondays: Kahli’s Bedroom

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Today I’m sharing with you a moodboard I created for my current bedroom. Like I’ve mentioned before, my bedroom is small, which means I have to be smart with the colors and furniture pieces I select. While I have to be cautious, that doesn’t mean I can’t incorporate something bold! And there’s no better way to go bold than painting my dresser teal.  My design style is feminine glam- a clear indication that I am single… but, I’m all for …

It’s Frugal Friday: A Thrifting Showcase

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The past two days we’ve browsed local thrift stores and took pictures of some items that we came across. Much like a local Craigslist feature post It’s Frugal Friday will showcase thrifty finds that we may or may have not purchased. Items that were purchased may show up in future Before & After posts. Yay!  And since we don’t want to become hoarders, items that we like but have no use  for remained at the stores. So maybe if you …

Double Take: Teal Dresser Makeover

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A few days ago you may remember I made this post about my plans to paint my bedroom dresser teal. Most of the process went pretty smoothly and I’m happy with the finished look. Like this: Like Loading…

The Real Deal in Teal?

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A couple of months ago, I decided to make a change to my bedroom. And that change began with buying a dresser. I hadn’t even owned a dresser for the past two years given that I’ve been living out of an organizational system in my closet (thanks Ikea) but I wanted one anyway. There were a few rules I had to follow while on my search for the perfect dresser. 1. It had to be  tall 2. It had to …

Twinterest Tuesday: A Weekly Pinterest Round-up (8-9-11)

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Due to our current addiction to Pinterest, every Tuesday will be Twinterest Tuesday. We will feature items that stood out to us while searching the endless boards and pins from other talented pinsters. Yes, I just made that up. Anyhoo, view the goodies below: Like this: Like Loading…

Double Take: Before & After Armchair

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Before & After Armchair Makeover

Samaya’s Big Girl Room

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A few months ago, a childhood friend of ours asked if we could decorate her two year old daughter’s bedroom. Of course we said sure yes! We knew that she would be moving into a new apartment and that we’d be starting from scratch.  After the phone call, we headed ran to the thrift store. And boy, did we really hit the jackpot that day; scoring a dresser, headboard, and footboard all in the same trip. Samaya’s room began with …