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Nighttime Nail Art Boredom

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It seems that I may have my priorities mixed up tonight because instead of working on finishing up my chair I decided that painting my nails was more important. I purchased two nail art pens in black and white by Sally Hansen from Target today for $7 each. And used O.P.I in black/onyx for the solid black on three nails. Always use a clear base coat on all nails so that the colors won’t stain and follow up with a …

Cutting Edge Stencil Giveaway

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A few weeks ago we received an email from Cutting Edge Stencils to host a giveaway for our lovely readers. Of course we were ecstatic and I was all set to do the giveaway and choose a stencil for us to try out and then bam two weeks of sickness hit us like a ton of bricks! I haven’t even decided on a stencil yet because there are so many I like and having a twin that thinks exactly like …