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The 25th Birthday Party is Over!

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The party is finally over and we can have our lives back! The 25th birthday party took place last Saturday and we have spent this week recuperating! I have been sleeping like a baby. Saturday was very stressful, we felt like we wouldn’t get everything done. And Milla may or may not have had a breakdown 3 hours before the party, I tried to hold it together for the both of us, but imagine how hard it is to keep …

Party Planning Stress

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Hello Lovelies!!! How are you all this sunny and hot evening…well in Maryland? Anyway it seems we’ve disappeared from the blog world. Yes, we’re already hanging our heads with shame. But of course  there are reasons to be happy…we’re party planning yay! Kah and I will be turning 25 seven days from today and our party is on the 24th. So we’ve been obsessing over place settings, centerpieces, and dessert tables these past few weeks. And we haven’t even figured …