Ambitious Projects….

I can’t believe that we’re down to only posting once a week! Where is the time going? The days are going by faster and faster and it seems like there is not enough time left in the day for us to complete the abundance of unfinished projects that are still looming. One of those projects include two wing back chairs.

These chairs need to be completed by March 24th to be used as props for our party. I think we’re on schedule as of now because we removed the fabric from one of the chairs. We found the chairs on Craigslist for $20 a piece and they are the exact same. As you can see we’ve already removed the fabric from one chair. I hate removing fabric because there are like hundreds of staples in this chair and we all have several bruises. With four people assisting in the removal process it still took a few hours.

I ordered 10 yards of charcoal chevron fabric on with plans to make the chairs look like this:

This is how far I’ve got so far. I’m hoping to at least finish the arms tonight. I got rid of the loose back buttoned cushion to save fabric and time, plus I didn’t think I could pull it off anyway. I actually prefer the new look.

We can finish these chairs in a month right? I think if we work on a little here and there in addition to the many other projects we have for the apartment and party. There are two 6 foot headboards currently sitting in the dining room waiting to be upholstered….
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4 Responses to Ambitious Projects….

  1. Jill @ Junky Vagabond

    Oh! I LUV that fabric – you two are going to have the most fab chairs for your b-day party. Nothing like having the most difficult upholstery project ever to keep things interesting :)

    • Kahli

      I know! I’m determined to finish them. I don’t know how with all the decorating we have to do :(

  2. Redlilocks {Swoon Worthy}

    Wow you are REALLY ambitious but those chairs are going to look STUNNING!! Really love the look of the bold chevron – good luck!! xxx

  3. BeezRentalDesigns

    Good Morning Ladies,
    You’ve been featured on Beez Rental Designs! Be sure to pick up your button! Thanks for sharing all of your inspirational projects.
    Barbe aka Bee

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