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Our Impulsive Living Room Re-do

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Hi Lovelies! Happy Friday the 13th! Sooooo is it bad luck to do a post today? I hope not because I want to  tell you about our overnight living room re-do. I say overnight because while I was sleeping the other night, Kah decided to rearrange the living room. We discussed what our plans were before I went to bed and I thought we would do the change after we returned from work the next day. Stupid me. I should’ve …

Party Planning Stress

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Hello Lovelies!!! How are you all this sunny and hot evening…well in Maryland? Anyway it seems we’ve disappeared from the blog world. Yes, we’re already hanging our heads with shame. But of course  there are reasons to be happy…we’re party planning yay! Kah and I will be turning 25 seven days from today and our party is on the 24th. So we’ve been obsessing over place settings, centerpieces, and dessert tables these past few weeks. And we haven’t even figured …

Last Night’s Shopping Trip to Joann’s

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Hello lovelies! Happy Wednesday to you all. And if you live around the Maryland area, I hope you enjoyed this beautiful weather the past couple of  days. Anyhoo as you will notice from the post title…Kah and I took  a shopping trip to Jo-Ann’s last night. It wasn’t a planned trip, at least not for me. I was not informed that we weren’t going straight home from work until we drove by our exit. Apparently, I would’ve complained if I …

Double Take: Vanity Desk Before and After

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Hi all! Milla here again. Surprise? I know I am, but I thought I should keep posting while the inspiration is there. Blogging and DIY is hard in the winter when it’s cold and you’re heat periodically stops working and you have to sleep in full winter outerwear. Yet, that’s another story for another post. A couple days ago I posted about a vanity desk I purchased for under $100. Here is the beauty again: Look at that sexy shape! …

You’re So Vain: New Vanity Desk

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Hi all, Milla here! How are you guys? Me? I’m just glad the weekend is here. So lately it seems that I have a knack for showing up here  at the end of week to do a post. I’ve been at my parents house every Friday for a while so maybe it’s inspiring me. However, we are not talking about their decor because that needs major work. Maybe it’s the brand new computer. The screen is huge! Anyhoo, the point …

Sibling Competitiveness: Artistic Style

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Despite the title, I’m not competing with Kah to create art for our gallery. In truth, I just needed a catchy title. And it works because Kah already created a painting and last night I decided to try my hand at something. It wasn’t as elaborate as the technique Kah used, but it was a little more personal to me, well us. I tried some typography art with some watercolors. It’s our birth year.

Sleeping in the Shower with Pillows

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Hello lovelies! Milla here! Where have I been right? Obviously not in the mood for decorating or blogging as I just got over a hazardous cold and whatever productive  energy I had left, Kah sucked it all up. I guess that’s how we as twins keep things balanced *shrugs*. Anyhoo, the title of this post may seem a little misleading so allow me to clear up the confusion. First off, don’t be alarmed. We are not sleeping in the shower. …

Wall of Gold: Gallery Wall Progress

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Hi lovelies! How’s everyone’s week so far? Mine? Well, I’ve been sick…again. Just hacking away all of my design inspiration. So it’s been bad a week for me. But at least one twin has been productive. Kah is making wonderful progress on her bedroom. And she finished hanging the frames for the gallery wall. See a few sneaks below:   You can see some of the hallway here. I’m sure you all notice that hideously standard ceiling mount light. We …

Floral Pillow Love: Etsy Edition

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Hi all, good morning! Unfortunately, we don’t have any makeovers for you guys yet, but I spent most of last night browsing Etsy for throw pillows for Kah. I was searching for bright floral pillows and decided to show you guys what I found.   This pillow above…Kah is thinking about putting it on her bed to add a punch of color to her black and white color scheme. It is available for sale $29.95 or cheaper for $13.95 These …

And The Winner Is: Cutting Edge Stencil Giveaway

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The winner of the Cutting Edge Stencil Giveaway is:   Sherika of Passionately Perfect. Congratulations Sherika. And thanks to everyone who participated! We appreciate it.