Sneak Peek: My Bedroom

Hello! I hope everyone had a great 4th of July last week. We didn’t do anything special for the holiday, but I do have something special to share with you today. We have been working on our upholstered beds for a few weeks, completing a little at a time. I still have a few things left to do with the bed, but most of the headboard is done. Here’s a quick peek.

gray and teal bedroom, teal desk, gray nailhead headboard, brass lamp

I rushed over to the Goodwill this morning to buy a stack of books and teacups to decorate the desk. I actually wanted ceramic bowls instead of teacups, but I couldn’t find any. Hopefully, on my way home I can find some at another location. I may need to replace them anyway, if Breeze is a bad boy while we are away and knocks them over.

The gray headboard is upholstered in white twill tape and nickel upholstery nailheads. Putting the nailheads on took longer than I expected! It took us most of Saturday to finish up the entire headboard! I’m happy to say that I still have my fingers, although the headboard did get dropped on my ankle, but the swelling has now subsided! I’ve always been very prone to accidents.

My to-do list is shrinking week by week. I still have to sew the gray and white striped fabric  from my stash into  pillow shams, it’s just draped over the pillow for now. I think I may prefer the chair pictured above over the other one below. It needs a little work, especially on the seat and I think I like the less ornate look, the cane makes it appear too busy.

white french cane chair, teal desk, teal mirror

I’m on the search for a nice throw and maybe some fabric for my euro pillows, I still haven’t decided if I want to use them yet.

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6 Responses to Sneak Peek: My Bedroom

  1. cassie

    what gorgeous colors- love what i see so far!

    • Kahli

      Hey Cassie, thanks! I hope you’re doing well. You didn’t lose any power last week right? I think I want to add some royal blue in a ikat pattern as a pillow or bedding.

  2. Katie @ Wildwood Creek

    Love the gray with the turquoise!

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  4. Kim

    That headboard is awesome!

    • Kahli

      Thanks Kim! It was hard work too! It’s actually an entire bed that was made. But my room is still too messy to take pics haha

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