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Client Projects

Sneak Peek: Girl’s Bedroom

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Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend!  We spent most of Saturday finishing up the girl’s bedroom. We still have a few things we need to add though. The sun is going down so fast lately, by 5:30 it is already dark outside! Here are a few of the decent pictures we could get.

Pink Turquoise and White Girls Bedroom

As you can see all the picture frames need to be filled with pictures. I really despise night-time pictures but these didn’t come out too bad. The room is relatively small so I think we did a decent job with space planning. Especially using the closet to house the desk. Read more

Sneak Peek: Girls Bedroom and a Missing Car

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We’ve been talking so much about this girl’s bedroom that we’ve been working on and we’re still not finished…Grrr! It’s not our fault though. There were a few setbacks, like a vent above the window that didn’t allow us to install the anchors to hang the drapes. Why must apartments do this? It has happened in at least one other room we’ve designed. It’s like that at the last minute the contractors realized that they put the air duct above the window so they constructed a drop ceiling to conceal it, which is uneven and covers some of the window. It’s quite unsightly. Anyway, we have to purchase shorter  anchors and go back to install.

We were there for several hours, but nightfall came quickly so we were only able to get one sneak peek photo of the room.

Hot Pink Closet Sneak Peek

Loving the Hot Pink Closet!

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Samaya’s Big Girl Room

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A few months ago, a childhood friend of ours asked if we could decorate her two year old daughter’s bedroom. Of course we said sure yes! We knew that she would be moving into a new apartment and that we’d be starting from scratch.  After the phone call, we headed ran to the thrift store. And boy, did we really hit the jackpot that day; scoring a dresser, headboard, and footboard all in the same trip.

Samaya’s room began with just a mattress and box spring so it needed many pieces to furnish and decorate the room. We had to tap into our creativity to stay under budget while creating a sophisticated bedroom that she could grow up with. That means thrifting, thrifting, and more thrifting!

So without further ado…

pink purple big girl bedroom

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