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Upholstery Projects

Double Take: Before & After Upholstered Yellow Side Chair Makeover with mini tutorial

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Hello! I know it’s been forever since you’ve seen either one of us around these parts, but I do have a makeover to share with you all today. The good news is that we haven’t just been sitting on our butts all month, we’ve actually been very busy! Other than enjoying our summer with trips to amusement parks, we have been working on our bedrooms and other projects. In the next few weeks we should have a huge upholstery project to share. However, today I’m sharing a chair that resides in my bedroom.

french cane chair

You may remember this chair from a few months ago that I purchased for $50 and I primed it right away, while I decided on a color and fabric.

white french cane chair, teal desk, teal mirror
After hitting the jackpot on a yellow garden stool at the new grand opening of HomeGoods in Baltimore (Towson) MD, I decided to go with a bright sunny yellow and here is the new look.

yellow upholstered side chair

Isn’t it pretty? I really love anything yellow these days. It’s such a happy color and it looks great paired with white linen which I scored at 50% off a yard at Joann’s huge fabric sale last week. Read more

Sneak Peek: My Bedroom

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Hello! I hope everyone had a great 4th of July last week. We didn’t do anything special for the holiday, but I do have something special to share with you today. We have been working on our upholstered beds for a few weeks, completing a little at a time. I still have a few things left to do with the bed, but most of the headboard is done. Here’s a quick peek.

gray and teal bedroom, teal desk, gray nailhead headboard, brass lamp

I rushed over to the Goodwill this morning to buy a stack of books and teacups to decorate the desk. I actually wanted ceramic bowls instead of teacups, but I couldn’t find any. Hopefully, on my way home I can find some at another location. I may need to replace them anyway, if Breeze is a bad boy while we are away and knocks them over.

The gray headboard is upholstered in white twill tape and nickel upholstery nailheads. Putting the nailheads on took longer than I expected! It took us most of Saturday to finish up the entire headboard! I’m happy to say that I still have my fingers, although the headboard did get dropped on my ankle, but the swelling has now subsided! I’ve always been very prone to accidents. Read more

Double Take: Before & After Cobalt Blue Chair

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I know you’ve been wondering where in the world we have been for the past month. We’ve been missing more than we’ve been present lately, especially Milla! But that’s what twins are for. There is always one around to pick up the slack. Speaking of slack, we haven’t been just sitting on our behinds. I finally have a makeover to share with you all. Remember this chair? That looked like this recently, but originally looked like that thing to the right?

black white stripe chair thrift store armchair

I did love the stripes a lot. I mean I really did, but apparently my cat Breeze didn’t love it as much because he used it as a scratching post and an easier way to get into my window. And by that time I didn’t even want stripes anymore on the chair. So now for the new look.

cobalt chair and teal dresser Read more

Double Take: Chevron Chair Before & After

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I’ve finally found the time to share the complete reveal of the chevron chair featured at our party with you all. Today was a lovely day outside so I tried something different and took the final pictures outside. For pictures of the before go here.
 When and if that tree in the background blooms, it will make picture taking outside that much lovelier. With my string of good fortune, it will only be green leaves on it. Speaking of good fortune, how many of you played the Mega Millions last week? I, Milla and some of our family members bought tickets and Milla also entered a lottery pool at work. While, a winner in Baltimore did win…it was NOT us, bummer. Anyway, back to the chair. Read more

Chevron Chair Upholstery Progress!

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Oh my! We have been busy bees lately! Party planning is going well. We’ve booked our DJ and now we can focus on decorations. As of now my focus is on finishing up the chairs I mentioned last week. I’m working on it at my own pace instead of every day. I haven’t had the determination that I usually have when working on projects. But I did make a lot of progress that I want to share with you.

Read more

Ambitious Projects….

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I can’t believe that we’re down to only posting once a week! Where is the time going? The days are going by faster and faster and it seems like there is not enough time left in the day for us to complete the abundance of unfinished projects that are still looming. One of those projects include two wing back chairs.

These chairs need to be completed by March 24th to be used as props for our party. I think we’re on schedule as of now because we removed the fabric from one of the chairs. We found the chairs on Craigslist for $20 a piece and they are the exact same. As you can see we’ve already removed the fabric from one chair. I hate removing fabric because there are like hundreds of staples in this chair and we all have several bruises. With four people assisting in the removal process it still took a few hours. Read more

Light’s Camera Action : Director’s Chair Makeover

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It’s Friday! And I have a spur of the moment makeover to share with you. I forgot to take a before picture in my haste to get started. The chair pictured has been living in the trunk of our car along with other miscellaneous items for the past few months waiting to be worked on. Of course it didn’t have this pretty fabric on it, but a mustard yellow fabric with an airbrushed design.

Isn’t the chartreuse fabric lovely? We purchased the fabric from a fabric warehouse in Baltimore for $6.50 a yard.Yes we snatched up all 5 yards!  This project didn’t even use half a yard, but we have intentions for the rest. I’ve recently discovered the manufacturer of this fabric, which is Schumacher and you know that means $$$. The Konaha Leaf in Chartreuse retails for over $130 per yard, but I found it listed here  for $94/yd. Yikes! Also there’s a listing on ebay in the red colorway, 13 yards for $104, if red is your thing I say go for it. Read more

Double Take: Black & White Striped Chair Before & After

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Hello, lovely readers! Hope you all are having a great day! I have a makeover treat for you today. I’ve finally finished upholstering the black and white striped chair for my bedroom. My determination to finish this chair was even too much for my injured thumb, which I had accidentally shut in the door. OUCH! It feels a lot better today than it did on Sunday, but I did hit it a few more times with the mallet in the upholstery process. I may or may not have screamed out in pure agony. I’m actually sadder that I had to remove my nail polish to examine the injury.

By now you’re probably wondering why I’ve spent so much time talking about my stupid thumb and less time talking about the makeover. Here’s a quick look at the fugly before. Green, red and cream floral flocked fabric=fugly.

thrift store armchair

Now here’s the lovely after! Ta-da! I purchase 4 yards of Black & White Canopy Stripe fabric by Premier Prints for $38 with shipping from Warehouse Fabrics but only used about 2 3/4 yards. I plan to make some pillows with the leftover. I ordered the fabric on a Thursday night, it shipped Friday and I received it Tuesday morning.  I’m very happy with my first experience with Warehouse Fabrics and can’t recommend them enough. Read more

Black & White Striped Chair Progress and Bedroom Inspiration

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Hello, lovely people! Hope everyone is having a great day today. I’m still battling with a cold, it’s been going on for almost two weeks now and just when I start to feel better…I wake up with the symptoms again. Somehow, I’ve found the strength to complete most of the chair. I only have to upholster the back! Yay! I actually stayed up til 5am to work on it because I couldn’t sleep. Surprisingly, I made it into work today. Here’s how it’s looking so far. Isn’t it pretty?

black white striped chaiir

I think the bold black and white stripes look great against the soft gray wall and next to the teal dresser. And yes I just realized the hardware on the dresser is crooked. I’ll be sure to fix that when my bedroom is complete. I believe the stripes are straight enough considering how late it was when I working on it. Breeze came out a few times to check on me and also eat some cotton batting. Does anyone know if that will hurt him? He loves to eat unnatural things like carpet, cotton, toilet tissue, rubber bands. The vet said he was healthy though.

Now that I’ve decided to incorporate black into my bedroom, I began browsing the internet for inspiration for bedroom with black and teal.

black & teal bedroomCredit

I love those zebra print stools! If the size of my bedroom wasn’t the equivalent of a closet. I would definitely consider putting one at the foot of my bed. Read more

Double Take: Pink Floral French Side Chair Before & After

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A year ago I bought this chair from an estate sale for $20. It was one of many chairs in my chair addiction collection. If it was cute, I’d buy it! Plain and simple. And this chair was cute! I loved the curvy legs and back. I did not love the existing look however.
French side chair

Fast forward to the present and this chair has finally received the much deserved makeover.
Read more