A Very Detailed Kitchen Renovation Progress Report

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Shopping for Home Decor: Finding That Statement Piece

Hello all. I hope everyone is having a fabulous day! I'm not. The weather is terrible here in Maryland. It is barely 50 degrees, cloudy, windy and rainy. The Read more

Ikat! And other Tribal Prints: Fabric Inspiration

Hello Lovelies! Happy Thursday! Question? Is it super cold where you all live? It has been cold and windy every other day in Maryland. Not very spring like at Read more

Revisiting The Old Living Room vs. The New Family Room

Hello, Kah here! It's been a long year and a half! Glad to be back. You may have noticed that we started blogging again.Correction, Milla started blogging again. This Read more


Double Take: Chevron Chair Before & After

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I’ve finally found the time to share the complete reveal of the chevron chair featured at our party with you all. Today was a lovely day outside so I tried something different and took the final pictures outside. For pictures of the before go here.
 When and if that tree in the background blooms, it will make picture taking outside that much lovelier. With my string of good fortune, it will only be green leaves on it. Speaking of good fortune, how many of you played the Mega Millions last week? I, Milla and some of our family members bought tickets and Milla also entered a lottery pool at work. While, a winner in Baltimore did win…it was NOT us, bummer. Anyway, back to the chair. Read more

Chevron Chair Upholstery Progress!

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Oh my! We have been busy bees lately! Party planning is going well. We’ve booked our DJ and now we can focus on decorations. As of now my focus is on finishing up the chairs I mentioned last week. I’m working on it at my own pace instead of every day. I haven’t had the determination that I usually have when working on projects. But I did make a lot of progress that I want to share with you.

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Ambitious Projects….

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I can’t believe that we’re down to only posting once a week! Where is the time going? The days are going by faster and faster and it seems like there is not enough time left in the day for us to complete the abundance of unfinished projects that are still looming. One of those projects include two wing back chairs.

These chairs need to be completed by March 24th to be used as props for our party. I think we’re on schedule as of now because we removed the fabric from one of the chairs. We found the chairs on Craigslist for $20 a piece and they are the exact same. As you can see we’ve already removed the fabric from one chair. I hate removing fabric because there are like hundreds of staples in this chair and we all have several bruises. With four people assisting in the removal process it still took a few hours. Read more

Light’s Camera Action : Director’s Chair Makeover

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It’s Friday! And I have a spur of the moment makeover to share with you. I forgot to take a before picture in my haste to get started. The chair pictured has been living in the trunk of our car along with other miscellaneous items for the past few months waiting to be worked on. Of course it didn’t have this pretty fabric on it, but a mustard yellow fabric with an airbrushed design.

Isn’t the chartreuse fabric lovely? We purchased the fabric from a fabric warehouse in Baltimore for $6.50 a yard.Yes we snatched up all 5 yards!  This project didn’t even use half a yard, but we have intentions for the rest. I’ve recently discovered the manufacturer of this fabric, which is Schumacher and you know that means $$$. The Konaha Leaf in Chartreuse retails for over $130 per yard, but I found it listed here  for $94/yd. Yikes! Also there’s a listing on ebay in the red colorway, 13 yards for $104, if red is your thing I say go for it. Read more

Last Night’s Shopping Trip to Joann’s

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Hello lovelies! Happy Wednesday to you all. And if you live around the Maryland area, I hope you enjoyed this beautiful weather the past couple of  days.

Anyhoo as you will notice from the post title…Kah and I took  a shopping trip to Jo-Ann’s last night. It wasn’t a planned trip, at least not for me. I was not informed that we weren’t going straight home from work until we drove by our exit. Apparently, I would’ve complained if I was told in advance. But I was actually cool with it since we haven’t been there in a while according to the cashier who said she missed us. Funny right?

So, I have a love/hate relationship with Jo-Ann’s. In my opinion they are great for most things other than non-basic home decor fabric. If you go to the quilting fabric section, you will find plenty of bright color schemes and high quality designs. For example, either of these two coordinating fabrics below would look great on an arm chair or if you’re really bold, a sofa or love seat.

Stonehill Collection Fabric-Retro Active Main Floral Purple

Stonehill Collection Fabric-Retro Active Stripe Multi

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Sleeping in the Shower with Pillows

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Hello lovelies! Milla here! Where have I been right? Obviously not in the mood for decorating or blogging as I just got over a hazardous cold and whatever productive  energy I had left, Kah sucked it all up. I guess that’s how we as twins keep things balanced *shrugs*.

Anyhoo, the title of this post may seem a little misleading so allow me to clear up the confusion. First off, don’t be alarmed. We are not sleeping in the shower. Kah purchased this shower curtain from Urban Outfitters as a Christmas gift for me intending to make pillows for my bedroom. Thanks Kah, love you!!!

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Floral Pillow Love: Etsy Edition

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Hi all, good morning! Unfortunately, we don’t have any makeovers for you guys yet, but I spent most of last night browsing Etsy for throw pillows for Kah. I was searching for bright floral pillows and decided to show you guys what I found.


Floral Turquoise Pillow Amy Butler

This pillow above…Kah is thinking about putting it on her bed to add a punch of color to her black and white color scheme. It is available for sale $29.95 or cheaper for $13.95

Japanese Echino Woodland Aqua Pillow

Lion Pillow Echino Floral Forest

These lovelies are like artwork on a pillow. They are for sale by Henrietta and Morty. They have some great graphic and Japanese inspired pillows. The first one is $30.94 and the latter is also $30.94

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Revisiting the Floral Chair Disaster

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Not too long ago, I made a post about an ugly floral chair I planned to reupholster in a charcoal gray fabric. Well fast forward to the present and I have yet to find a charcoal gray fabric that I like. It was either too light, too dark, lightweight, or void of texture. I was looking for a medium weight linen look fabric, but since that didn’t work out for me I have to come up with a plan B. Plan B means a new fabric choice. I’ve mentioned several times that I am very indecisive and I tend to go back and forth on decor choices.  So, enough rambling…what did I pick? A bold black and white stripe fabric. I completely went away from gray.

I really hate to put your eyes through the agony, but here is what the chair currently looks like:

thrift store armchair

Here’s the fabric I purchased Canopy Stripe Black/White by Premiere Prints:
black white stripe fabric Read more

When the Skies are Gray: Gray Stripe Pillow Roundup

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The weather has been up and down in Baltimore, including pouring rain, and a significant drop in temperature from low 80’s to low 60’s. While, the rain does affect my mood and my productivity, there’s something absolutely beautiful about a gray sky. Turquoise is me and my sister’s favorite color, yet every wall in our apartment is painted gray! Gray is neutral and serves as a great backdrop for our love of bold patterns, especially florals and stripes. Speaking of stripes…I found a few yards of gray striped fabric on ebay with the intention of making covers for my euro pillows and if I have enough leftover a roman shade.

Gray Stripe Fabric

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Double Take: Lace Lamp Makeover Before & Many Afters

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Happy Monday everyone! It feels like it has been days since we’ve updated and it doesn’t help that the weekend just flew by! The weather hasn’t been best in Baltimore for most of the week, but yesterday the rain held up and allowed us to fit a few projects into our busy weekend! Why were we so busy? We attended two birthday parties for our younger cousin and “godtwins” (easier than saying twin godchildren-even though I just said it!). And we’re still feeling the effects from those parties! Now I know why I don’t bowl regularly, it is indeed a workout and I think I may have pulled a glute!

Anyway, the project of choice was a lamp. What? No, chair? No dresser? Yes, a lamp sorry to disappoint you all! However, it is a pretty lamp. It started out as a black lamp base as you can see. This makeover involved a few makeovers before we liked the final result.

Lamp Makeover Read more