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Shopping for Home Decor: Finding That Statement Piece

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Ikat! And other Tribal Prints: Fabric Inspiration

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Revisiting The Old Living Room vs. The New Family Room

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Confessions of a Chair Addict(s)

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Remember that debate between my sister and I concerning the placement of the bookcase? Well it’s still currently part of the gallery wall as I insisted. Yay! However, that left the corner behind the sofa very sad and lonely. Just look at that stupid thermostat!

turquoise white gray yellow living room

Breeze has really been enjoying his portrait, he takes a stroll across the mantel, admiring himself on a daily basis.

Anyway…I thought of possible decor items to fill the space; a large wall mirror, more gallery frames, a chair…a chair? You may be thinking how many chairs does one need in their home. And my answer is, as many as your home allows. You can never have enough chairs and I found the perfect one to bring our living room seating total to a comfortable eight. Read more

Revisiting the Floral Chair Disaster

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Not too long ago, I made a post about an ugly floral chair I planned to reupholster in a charcoal gray fabric. Well fast forward to the present and I have yet to find a charcoal gray fabric that I like. It was either too light, too dark, lightweight, or void of texture. I was looking for a medium weight linen look fabric, but since that didn’t work out for me I have to come up with a plan B. Plan B means a new fabric choice. I’ve mentioned several times that I am very indecisive and I tend to go back and forth on decor choices.  So, enough rambling…what did I pick? A bold black and white stripe fabric. I completely went away from gray.

I really hate to put your eyes through the agony, but here is what the chair currently looks like:

thrift store armchair

Here’s the fabric I purchased Canopy Stripe Black/White by Premiere Prints:
black white stripe fabric Read more

When your day doesn’t go as planned…(Makeover Sneak Peaks)

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You all are probably wondering why it has been three days since we’ve updated the blog. We’ve had a hell of a last few days that took up a lot of time. Friday, the morning began with our car not starting. The battery was shot because I left the interior light on or so I thought. Milla’s boss came to pick her up for work because she loves her or because she would die without her at work. I called roadside assistance to give me a jump and all as was well for the rest of Friday. Fast forward to Saturday night as we prepare to live it up at multiple Halloween Parties, the car again decided to be a pain in the rear and not start. Why? You guessed it, the battery again, but this time I didn’t leave any lights on. Thankfully our cousin came to pick us up and we enjoyed ourselves until 5 in the morning.

Later in the morning we had the car battery jumped again and took it to Advanced Auto Parts for a new battery install. Yay! The installation took about 5 minutes and we were off to enjoy a day of football with my brother. The day ended well when we scored on a 10 dollar mid century style desk on Craigslist.

Monday morning I drove Milla to work and then stopped at Lowes to pick up some supplies to paint the desk. When I came out of Lowes the car would not start! It’s one thing being stuck at your house with a car that won’t start, you can pass the time watching tv and completing diy projects, but it sucked sitting in a public parking lot. It sucked even more as I waited in the car for over 2 1/2 hours for a tow truck. There’s a good ending to this story however, the tow truck guy fixed the car by noticing a sensor connection loose on the battery. The bad news is that I didn’t get the chance to finish the three projects I wanted to work on.

I have three sneak peeks for you all though!

You may remember this sideboard from a few posts ago. Well I finally got around to painting it. I haven’t finished polishing the hardware however. Read more

The Adventures of the 85 lb, 6 FT Sideboard

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Happy Monday! How was everyone’s weekend? I hope it wasn’t as busy as ours. We did a lot projects for other people over the past few days. Three hair makeovers. This went well although I feel carpal tunnel may be in our future.

We attempted to hang a drape in the most shallow wall ever. Fail. Lastly, we pinned thousands of feathers to a corset in an attempt to replicate a peacock. I hope my cousin wins her Halloween costume contest at work because she definitely looks like a giant peacock, a cute one though.

Anyway don’t you all feel bad for us because we did score a beautiful sideboard for under $100 at our local Goodwill. It is over six feet so it couldn’t fit in our little Hyundai Elantra. We had to rent a U-haul just to take it across the street. Doesn’t that suck? Even the U-haul worker felt sorry for us. No discount from him though. But honestly, renting the U-haul was the easiest part. Getting it from the truck to our apartment was not. Let’s just say it was good thing that this item is getting a makeover.

Kah and I were flat out disrespectful to this beautiful sideboard. First, we dragged it off the truck, scratching up the finish while doing so. Then we stood it up in the parking lot of our apartment complex while we bent over gasping for air. Did I already mention that the sideboard is 85 lbs and is over 6 ft? Well how about that Kah and I are only 5’3”  tall and weigh about 130. Talk about a struggle!

Afterwards, we lifted the sideboard about an inch off the ground because we aren’t that strong  and backpedaled to the curb. Then, Kah and I fought about which way to carry the sideboard. Around the back or through the front door. Kah was for Team Around the Back. I said absolutely not. She called me an idiot because I was screaming about my fingers burning. I called her a dummy because she kept telling me to use my twin power for strength…blank stare. Either way I won. We flipped the sideboard over, top facing the ground, and pushed it through the wet muddy grass to the front door of our apartment. This is how it looks once through the door.

Six Foot Sideboard

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The Floral Disaster: A chair in distress

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I bought a small scale chair at a nearby thrift store a few months ago with the intention to reupholster it, but other projects have taken precedence instead. It has a floral red and green  flocked velvet pattern on the front and solid green velvet on the backside. In other words it’s ugly! I can’t help but look at this chair and think about Christmas decorations. I’ll just show you instead of going on and on…
thrift store armchair Read more

DIY Sneak Peek: French Provincial Dresser

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We haven’t had a project post in three days! Ugh, I’m so disgusted. Mother nature has really killed our DIY buzz these days. Also, the sun has been running away before 8pm, not good for us since we work late some days. However, the good news and the reason for this post is that we’ve been working on some projects. We mentioned in previous posts that we’re currently designing another little girl’s room. In the past couple of weeks, we’ve completed a headboard and a desk. She still needs a night stand and dresser, the latter is what you will see a sneak peek of today.

French Pronvincial Dresser

More details to come later. Return for the makeover post including before pictures and some spray painting tips.

UPDATE: Completed dresser

It’s Frugal Friday: A Thrifting Showcase #3

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Friday couldn’t get here fast enough! For two reasons. Number one, I’m off of work and number two, no work on Monday! For us that just means more time to thrift. Anyway let’s get to this week’s frugal finds..

It's Frugal Friday: A Thrifting Showcase Read more

It’s Frugal Friday: A Thrifting Showcase #2

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It’s Friday. Frugal Friday to be exact! Albeit mother nature had it in for the East Coast all week, we found time to check out a couple local thrift stores and Goodwill’s. Some not so local, but we’d drive a little bit of a distance for a good deal. Most if not all things we saw this week we actually purchased. Yes, the temptation got the best of us. We’re so weak.

It's Frugal Friday: A Thrifting Showcase Read more

It’s Frugal Friday: A Thrifting Showcase

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The past two days we’ve browsed local thrift stores and took pictures of some items that we came across. Much like a local Craigslist feature post It’s Frugal Friday will showcase thrifty finds that we may or may have not purchased. Items that were purchased may show up in future Before & After posts. Yay!  And since we don’t want to become hoarders, items that we like but have no use  for remained at the stores. So maybe if you live locally or not too far you can pick them up.

Frugal thrifty finds inspiration

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The Real Deal in Teal?

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A couple of months ago, I decided to make a change to my bedroom. And that change began with buying a dresser. I hadn’t even owned a dresser for the past two years given that I’ve been living out of an organizational system in my closet (thanks Ikea) but I wanted one anyway. There were a few rules I had to follow while on my search for the perfect dresser.

1. It had to be  tall
2. It had to have vintage details
3. It had to be less than $50
3. And most importantly it had to be small

Why did it have to be small, you ask? I hate to tell you this but my room is a box, 10’x10′ to be exact and that’s on a good day. The sacrifices you make when you insist on being a good twin sister.

After searching Craigslist and hitting up a few thrift stores I finally found what I was looking for at an Estate Liquidation. It was tall, had a vintage feel, $50, and small. Check her out below after some stripping and a good sanding.

teal dresser

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