A Very Detailed Kitchen Renovation Progress Report

So the last time, we mentioned anything about the kitchen were in these two posts referencing the wood tile floor and where the hell we've been for almost the last Read more

Shopping for Home Decor: Finding That Statement Piece

Hello all. I hope everyone is having a fabulous day! I'm not. The weather is terrible here in Maryland. It is barely 50 degrees, cloudy, windy and rainy. The Read more

Ikat! And other Tribal Prints: Fabric Inspiration

Hello Lovelies! Happy Thursday! Question? Is it super cold where you all live? It has been cold and windy every other day in Maryland. Not very spring like at Read more

Revisiting The Old Living Room vs. The New Family Room

Hello, Kah here! It's been a long year and a half! Glad to be back. You may have noticed that we started blogging again.Correction, Milla started blogging again. This Read more


Ikat! And other Tribal Prints: Fabric Inspiration

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Hello Lovelies! Happy Thursday! Question? Is it super cold where you all live? It has been cold and windy every other day in Maryland. Not very spring like at all. Sort of depressing.

Also this almost complete kitchen renovation is sucking the life from me. However, in the meantime Kah and I have had our eyes on furnishings and fabrics that we plan to purchase for drapes and upholstering. Things that will collect dust until the family room is complete at least. Ugh I can’t stand it.

So as far as fabrics go, we are always instantly drawn to chevron and stripes. But I’ve seen some ikat  and tribal prints that are to dye for. Hehe see what I did there.

This gray ikat beauty below is brought to you by Tonic Living. It retails for $29.95/yard from Tonic Living. If you are willing to splurge…wouldn’t this make beautiful drapes?

Tonic Living Shadow Ikat Grey

And what about these southwestern prints found over on spoonflower. It so crisp! It’s speaking to the graphic design hobbyist in me. Prices on Spoonflower range from $17-$40 depending on Fabric.

Navajo - Aqua white

Navajo-Aqua White (Spoonflower)

NATIVO - talavera blue

Nativo-Talavera Blue (Spoonflower)

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Revisiting The Old Living Room vs. The New Family Room

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Hello, Kah here! It’s been a long year and a half! Glad to be back. You may have noticed that we started blogging again.Correction, Milla started blogging again. This is my first post for 2014. I refused to blog until Milla made several posts, since she was so far behind me in blog post count lol.

Those of you that have been following the blog lately, know that we have a new home. Correction again, Milla and her fiance have a new home. Breeze and I just live with them or maybe I just live with them and Breeze, I’m not sure if he has permanent residency lol. As of now Breeze is happy in his own bedroom, full of clutter. Yes, our cat has his own room…let’s move things along, shall we?

In our new home we have a family room and a smaller living room, that we will use as a sitting room/foyer. The family room is large in size 26×14, which means we have a lot of space to cover. A lot more than our last living room. For our new visitors, our previous living room at our apartment used to look like this:

Living Room Living Room
Living Room Re-do Living Room Re-do with Gallery Wall

I found some extra pictures on the camera that I forgot to edit and include in the living room reveal. So here they are. Note: Images will pin in original (larger) size.

turquoise yellow white and gray living room + thomas paul floral chair + gray & white chevron rug + yellow chevron pillow turquoise yellow white and gray living room + thomas paul floral chair + gray & white chevron rug + yellow chevron pillow Read more

Chair Addicts Part Deux

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Hi Lovelies! Thanks for visiting as always. It is appreciated.

Anyway we have a problem. Our names are Kah and Milla and we are still addicted to chairs. Specifically, buying and restoring chairs. I had to convince my honey that you can never have enough seating. And if the chair is cheap, vintage, and in excellent shape, he has to let me buy it. But he also has hopes that we will reupholster and resell. I haven’t exactly agreed to that yet…should I feel bad? No? Great.

So over the weekend, Kah and I stalked Craigslist and visited a new thrift store. Between Saturday and Sunday, we acquired five chairs. Yes FIVE chairs! Before you say we are crazy. We have plans to furnish our large family room and foyer with plenty of seating.

Take a look below…

vintage chairs with french detail and velvet upholstery.

These two chairs were purchased from a thrift store in Laurel, Maryland, called Laurel Thrift Store. Aren’t they lovely?! We decided to check out this store for the first time since we were already in the area at a local flea market. We didn’t find anything of decorative value at the Flea Market, but man did we hit the jackpot at the thrift store!

vintage chairs with french detail and velvet upholstery. Read more

This is beautiful. What is that Velvet: Furniture Inspiration

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Hello lovely visitors! Sorry for the delay. I meant to update two Fridays ago, but our birthday was the 21st.  We are now 27 years old but look younger then most teenagers and often hear, “Ya’ll twins are so cute!” on a daily basis.  Then we suddenly started having internet connection issues. Comcast you are worthless. And even our mobile internet wouldn’t connect! Curse you Sprint.

So…we have a recent purchase to showcase. A wonderful Craigslist find of course. It is a button-tufted wingback settee/loveseat. We purchased this item for $75. It’s very Vintage. Very worn. In need of a makeover.

Disclaimer: Please excuse the baseboard molding-less  walls, we have to yet to reinstall that. Oh and any other miscellaneous items pictured as well.

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Make It Tuft: Tufted Furniture with a Masculine Flair (But still Feminine for me)

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Milla again. I’ve been inspired lately, whoo. But I’ll let you all in on a little secret. Kah has refused to post something until she feels that I have caught up to her post total. Sad face.

I admitted to not posting as much, yet I participated in all the DIY. Go me! Either way we both suck. We deserted this site for over a year.

Anyway, I saw a post online for tufted a couch. And it’s free. Now I love anything free and tufted and I’m hoping to receive an email that the couch is still available. So I showed the couch to my electronics-loving, overly masculine husband to be and needless to say he was not overly impressed.

Not impressed

He was immediately like, “Where is that supposed to go?” The living room of course. He frowned. I had to keep screaming but it’s FREE before he said I could inquire about it. Yay!

Then I immediately began researching ways we could make a tufted couch look not so feminine, especially vintage couches.

I know when we think manly, we immediately think leather. Lots of leather.

Leather and Tufted  Leather and Tufted

Leather and Tufted

However, Breeze will not allow us to own a leather couch and besides those are too dark for me. Where are the colors?

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Claustrophobia: Fear of Enclosed Porches

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Hello Lovelies! Milla here. I hope everyone’s weekend is going well. Mine was rather relaxing. However, I did exercise a little. I have to get into wedding shape. So daily I’ve been running up and down the steps. You all must know how hard this is to do when you have this blocking you…

Breeze The Cat

Breeze is a workout blocker

Breeze doesn’t value exercising at all. Oh and don’t mind the unfinished stairs. We will be getting to that eventually.

Anyway to the point of this post…My ongoing fantasy is to open up the porch area. We lack the funds to do so, but a girl can dream right?

We currently have an enclosed porch area. The previous owners slept in the front room and didn’t feel safe being so close to the street, which is understandable. However, in my mind they’ve covered up beautiful columns and railings that are original to our historic home. And I just  have to see what I am missing!

Now I’m fully aware that when we finally rip apart the walls I could be totally wrong and what I discover might look a bit like this…

Not a fan of wrought iron post

Not a fan of wrought iron post

credit: How to make over a front porch via HGTV

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Why So Serious: Home Renovation Struggles and Inspiration

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Oh Lovelies, has it already been 3 weeks since my last post??? What is happening? I can’t grasp it. I’m on the computer pretty often. And we’re working on so many projects that I can’t feel my legs by the time we are finished. I have all of these post ideas and not enough time, we just can’t keep up. Maybe because we are always saying screw it to taking progress pictures which negates the need for a post. Sigh…dilemmas.

Why is this Happening

Why is this Happening?

But I can’t complain too much. I’ve seen some horror home renovation stories around the blogosphere  and we have yet to experience that. Since June we opened nearly every wall on the main floor (curse you plaster walls) and encountered nothing but a sound structure. There weren’t any sinking beams or mold. No rotted floor joists. Most of our problems consisted of an awkwardly shaped kitchen, outdated family room, lack of closets (as expected in an old house), and an unleveled floor in some areas.

Speaking of an unleveled floor, the kitchen was greatly affected. Our plan is to install flooring over the existing dated tile. So we began, well my honey did all the work here. He applied self-leveling concrete over the tile and it worked perfectly! No more earthquake feeling beneath your feet whenever you walk.

Self-leveling concrete in Kitchen

Self-leveling concrete in Kitchen

Now that the concrete has fully dried, we hope to extend the look of wood flooring that exists in the rest of the house into the kitchen. So we purchased wood tile from The Tile Shop here in Maryland.

If you are unfamiliar with wood tile…get ready for picture galore via Pinterest.

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Double Take: Revamped Cobalt Blue Nightstand

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It’s been a long long time since you guys have seen me around these parts and an even longer time since my sister Milla has visited! But here I am to do what I do best, which is write posts about items in Milla’s room haha. At least the current post I’m writing is connected to her in someway. You see this nightstand used to be in my room.

But as you know my room has changed quite a bit since last year and my nightstands now live in Milla’s bedroom and with a new look!

The color is a custom color matched from a fabric swatch and it’s beautiful. The two of us hand painted the pair of nightstands a few weeks ago after days of debating on cobalt blue or turquoise.  Blue won out.  I love it in the new bold color over the subtle gray!

Milla is also the new owner of my teal lamps, which used to live in the hallway for a while. She really hit the jackpot on my compulsive buying and painting projects.  The nightstands were painted to match the cobalt blue desk vanity also in her room.

We moved the turquoise cane armchair next to the desk for a colorful vignette and Breeze vastly approved of the new look besides he will follow a chair to any corner. Read more

Eye Candy: Boho Chic Bedrooms

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Hello all! I introduce you to the second post in one week! I’m getting better, right? Sooner or later I’ll be back to at least 4 posts a week (I hope). Today I’m going to share with you some of my favorite bohemian style bedrooms.  While I was searching for inspiration to finish up my bedroom, I kept leaning toward the boho chic variety. And I’m now convinced that is the style I prefer, at least in my bedroom. Boho bedrooms are typically very carefree and eclectic and that describes me perfectly.

First up, is this bedroom by Naomi Stein from Design Manifest. If you haven’t seen this bedroom before you have been living under a rock for some time now. In fact, Naomi’s entire home is AMAZING, every room could fit into the theme of this post. She does a great job of mixing modern with vintage and making it bohemian glam. If I can get my paws on a batik dyed bedspread like this I would be ecstatic. And that Marilyn Monroe print is divine. You can purchase it here . I think I may consider buying it. I’ve always wanted a Ms. Monroe print in my home.

This bedroom was designed by Sara Berrenson from All the Pretties. This bedroom is about the same size as mine and I love everything about it especially that headboard and quilt at the foot of bed! I found the bedroom on Pinterest and it lead me to her house tour. Be sure to check it out and the rest of the blog, she has some great stuff on there. She even has a great fabric line on Spoonflower.

vintage boho chic bedroom

Via All the Pretties

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Small Spaces: The Petite Bedroom Edition

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I can’t believe that as long as we’ve had this site, I’ve never done a small bedroom roundup. As I stated before the size of my bedroom is 9’x10′. While it is small I’m attempting to make it work for me. So today’s post will feature small bedrooms that work.

Apartment Therapy’s Big Book of Small Spaces via Dress, Design, Decor

This bedroom is what I will call very tiny. In fact, I’m sure that there is a person out there with a closet this size, the amount of natural light makes this room. I especially love the chandelier and wall shelving.

M.A. Belle via Real Living

I’ve always loved this tiny but stylish bedroom. The mix of patterns work together so well. The textiles are by Rubie Green and I really love that headboard, but the fabric is not in my price range at all! Read more