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Decor Inspiration

Gallery Wall Inspiration: 12 Foot Long Headache

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Happy Friday everyone! I’m so ready for the weekend. This week just flew by in a blink! For the past few days we’ve been working on a gallery wall for a super long wall in our living room. If you read the title of this post you would know that the wall is about 12 feet long. There is a “mantle” attached to the wall as well that is probably over 9 feet.  Here’s a picture:

Gallery Wall Long Mantle

This picture doesn’t even really show just how long this wall really is! We believe that a gallery is the best choice and we’ve always wanted one in the apartment and this wall appears to be the best location for one. Here is a roundup of some gallery walls we love found via pinterest or the web.

Gallery Wall Gold FramesCredit

What I love the most about this gallery wall is the arrangement. The collection of gold frames vary in size and that metallic “B” is a great standout. This is probably the photo that we’ll take the most inspiration from since we also want our frames to be gold. Read more

Side Table: Vintage Suitcase Edition (Inspiration)

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Happy Friday everyone! It’s inspiration time! Inspiration time means Kah and I find some inspiring photos for our next DIY project and you all give us feedback. What is our next project you ask? Because of course we’re always doing something right. It’s a sad unfortunate obsession. We should seek help.

Anyway our next project in the works is a suitcase side table. Kah purchased a vintage suitcase several months ago and it’s literally collecting dust as the saying goes. Seriously, it has moved from room to room and the inside of it smells like something died inside. Anyway, it looks similar to this one:

Vintage Suitcase

Vintage Suitcase via Project Wedding

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When the Skies are Gray: Gray Stripe Pillow Roundup

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The weather has been up and down in Baltimore, including pouring rain, and a significant drop in temperature from low 80’s to low 60’s. While, the rain does affect my mood and my productivity, there’s something absolutely beautiful about a gray sky. Turquoise is me and my sister’s favorite color, yet every wall in our apartment is painted gray! Gray is neutral and serves as a great backdrop for our love of bold patterns, especially florals and stripes. Speaking of stripes…I found a few yards of gray striped fabric on ebay with the intention of making covers for my euro pillows and if I have enough leftover a roman shade.

Gray Stripe Fabric

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