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Mood Boards

A Peek into Kahli’s Closet-Sized Bedroom (UPDATED)

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The title of this post may be confusing to some of you at the moment, but let me explain. In a nutshell, my bedroom is really small (9×10 or something), it’s not as small as a closet unless we’re talking about a walk-in closet. A bedroom of this size doesn’t leave too much room for items other than a bed, dresser and maybe a nightstand or two, but I’ve managed to fit a lovely chair in the corner.

As mentioned in the last post, I’ve been working on a moodboard to hopefully help me stay on task. This is what I have so far.

Of course, in true indecisive fashion, I’m not sure about any of these items other than what I already own. Wait I lied, I own most if not all of these items in a similar style other than the chevron vase, watercolor fashion print, fuchsia pillows and the floral pillow.  The artwork is my main concern because I want a large size and that print is $76.00 for a 16×20, which would make it the most expensive purchase in my room. Time to get out some tutorials and work on my drawing and painting skills or lack thereof. Does anyone know where to purchase fuchsia pink velvet pillows? Do they not exist for a reasonable price? The ones pictured are $115 a piece and…yeah, no!

And just because I love to ask for the assistance of our lovely readers, I’ve included a sneak peek of what my room looks like as of now. Read more

Get a little Green with your Navy and Pink

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Today, we bring you a color inspiration mood board inspired by a pair of underwear. Not a pillow or a t-shirt…underwear. We spotted them during a shopping trip and though we didn’t purchase the underwear, we were really inspired by the color scheme.

So now you don’t have to rely just on magazines and Pinterest for decor inspiration because fashionable panties are at your disposal. As Kah says, they’re not just for covering your cheeks.

Anyway, the color inspiration here is navy, pink, and green. Now, we’ve seen plenty of navy and pink rooms. And few navy and green rooms. Yet, I searched for hours for navy, pink, and green and didn’t find anything. So we decided to throw a mood board together to see how it looks…we love it. Love the jewel tones. Might have to change my room around. Geez, I’m so indecisive. Check out the moodboard:

Navy, Pink, and Green Color Inspiration

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Moodboard Monday: Four Days Sooner…Milla’s bedroom

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As the title suggests, this should be a Moodboard Monday post, however I was anxious to finish this mood board for my bedroom. So just pretend that today is Monday and not Thursday night.

Back to my bedroom…it’s been a challenge to complete my room as well as this mood board. See, I’m really picky about the accessories that will be a main focus in my room. Right now, I have all white bedding, with white lamps, a white dresser and white nightstands. The large mirror above my bed is also white. I love the brightness of a mostly white color scheme, but I need some sexy colors in here! Let’s start with my favorite color…the lovely and always reliable Turquoise.  I absolutely had to have this color in my room, no exceptions. So just a few weeks ago, Kah and I reupholstered this chair. Then I plan to add more bold and bright colors,like pink and yellows. What color is brighter than yellow? None, which is why it’s the color of the sun. Wow super corny and lame I know, just check out my mood board below.


Bedroom Moodboard


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Moodboard Mondays: Kahli’s Bedroom

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Today I’m sharing with you a moodboard I created for my current bedroom. Like I’ve mentioned before, my bedroom is small, which means I have to be smart with the colors and furniture pieces I select. While I have to be cautious, that doesn’t mean I can’t incorporate something bold! And there’s no better way to go bold than painting my dresser teal.  My design style is feminine glam- a clear indication that I am single… but, I’m all for balancing out all the feminine elements with a touch of masculinity. Check out the moodboard below.

Bedroom moodboard
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