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Floral Pillow Love: Etsy Edition

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Hi all, good morning! Unfortunately, we don’t have any makeovers for you guys yet, but I spent most of last night browsing Etsy for throw pillows for Kah. I was searching for bright floral pillows and decided to show you guys what I found.


Floral Turquoise Pillow Amy Butler

This pillow above…Kah is thinking about putting it on her bed to add a punch of color to her black and white color scheme. It is available for sale $29.95 or cheaper for $13.95

Japanese Echino Woodland Aqua Pillow

Lion Pillow Echino Floral Forest

These lovelies are like artwork on a pillow. They are for sale by Henrietta and Morty. They have some great graphic and Japanese inspired pillows. The first one is $30.94 and the latter is also $30.94

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Nighttime Nail Art Boredom

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It seems that I may have my priorities mixed up tonight because instead of working on finishing up my chair I decided that painting my nails was more important. I purchased two nail art pens in black and white by Sally Hansen from Target today for $7 each. And used O.P.I in black/onyx for the solid black on three nails. Always use a clear base coat on all nails so that the colors won’t stain and follow up with a top coat after you’re done with your designs for protection.

I’ve never painted any designs on my nails so I don’t really have a concrete tutorial. I just played around with the pen until I ended up with a design I liked. Of course I wanted to incorporate stripes.

black white nail art
Breeze was rather impressed by my nail art or maybe he was just upset that I turned on the light and interrupted his sleep, either way I had his attention.

black white nail artblack white nail art
Just a note, the color comes out of the pen in thin and runny coats at times so be careful when applying it to the nail. The white seemed to crackle a little bit for me too but it didn’t bother me that much, I like the crackle effect.

I’ve seen a lot of lovely nail designs that could serve as inspiration for interiors. Like this combination of stripes and floral could be pulled of wonderfully.

stripes floral nail art

Credit: Unknown Read more

Black & White Striped Chair Progress and Bedroom Inspiration

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Hello, lovely people! Hope everyone is having a great day today. I’m still battling with a cold, it’s been going on for almost two weeks now and just when I start to feel better…I wake up with the symptoms again. Somehow, I’ve found the strength to complete most of the chair. I only have to upholster the back! Yay! I actually stayed up til 5am to work on it because I couldn’t sleep. Surprisingly, I made it into work today. Here’s how it’s looking so far. Isn’t it pretty?

black white striped chaiir

I think the bold black and white stripes look great against the soft gray wall and next to the teal dresser. And yes I just realized the hardware on the dresser is crooked. I’ll be sure to fix that when my bedroom is complete. I believe the stripes are straight enough considering how late it was when I working on it. Breeze came out a few times to check on me and also eat some cotton batting. Does anyone know if that will hurt him? He loves to eat unnatural things like carpet, cotton, toilet tissue, rubber bands. The vet said he was healthy though.

Now that I’ve decided to incorporate black into my bedroom, I began browsing the internet for inspiration for bedroom with black and teal.

black & teal bedroomCredit

I love those zebra print stools! If the size of my bedroom wasn’t the equivalent of a closet. I would definitely consider putting one at the foot of my bed. Read more

Revisiting the Floral Chair Disaster

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Not too long ago, I made a post about an ugly floral chair I planned to reupholster in a charcoal gray fabric. Well fast forward to the present and I have yet to find a charcoal gray fabric that I like. It was either too light, too dark, lightweight, or void of texture. I was looking for a medium weight linen look fabric, but since that didn’t work out for me I have to come up with a plan B. Plan B means a new fabric choice. I’ve mentioned several times that I am very indecisive and I tend to go back and forth on decor choices.  So, enough rambling…what did I pick? A bold black and white stripe fabric. I completely went away from gray.

I really hate to put your eyes through the agony, but here is what the chair currently looks like:

thrift store armchair

Here’s the fabric I purchased Canopy Stripe Black/White by Premiere Prints:
black white stripe fabric Read more

Gallery Wall Inspiration: 12 Foot Long Headache

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Happy Friday everyone! I’m so ready for the weekend. This week just flew by in a blink! For the past few days we’ve been working on a gallery wall for a super long wall in our living room. If you read the title of this post you would know that the wall is about 12 feet long. There is a “mantle” attached to the wall as well that is probably over 9 feet.  Here’s a picture:

Gallery Wall Long Mantle

This picture doesn’t even really show just how long this wall really is! We believe that a gallery is the best choice and we’ve always wanted one in the apartment and this wall appears to be the best location for one. Here is a roundup of some gallery walls we love found via pinterest or the web.

Gallery Wall Gold FramesCredit

What I love the most about this gallery wall is the arrangement. The collection of gold frames vary in size and that metallic “B” is a great standout. This is probably the photo that we’ll take the most inspiration from since we also want our frames to be gold. Read more

Side Table: Vintage Suitcase Edition (Inspiration)

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Happy Friday everyone! It’s inspiration time! Inspiration time means Kah and I find some inspiring photos for our next DIY project and you all give us feedback. What is our next project you ask? Because of course we’re always doing something right. It’s a sad unfortunate obsession. We should seek help.

Anyway our next project in the works is a suitcase side table. Kah purchased a vintage suitcase several months ago and it’s literally collecting dust as the saying goes. Seriously, it has moved from room to room and the inside of it smells like something died inside. Anyway, it looks similar to this one:

Vintage Suitcase

Vintage Suitcase via Project Wedding

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Boys Bedroom Inspiration Roundup

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We haven’t really mentioned the little boy’s bedroom we have been slowly working on nor have we ever featured anything on the site. Many of you probably don’t even know we’re doing a boy’s bedroom! We’ve been working on it here and there but his sister’s room has top priority right now. We spent most of Saturday at the house painting her bedroom in a lovely shade of gray called Silver Lake by Behr. We still have some more painting and other things to do before it gets featured on the site. We can’t wait!

Anyway…back to the point of this post. When looking for boys bedroom there are not that many rooms to choose from, unless of course it’s a nursery. Well the little boy is no longer a baby, he’s now 4 years old. And we’d like to design a room for him that he’d like for another 6 years. So I went on a search to find sophisticated, but child friendly boys bedrooms and here’s what I like.

rustic boys bedroom
If this is not the best boy’s bedroom on the face of this earth then I dare you to find a better one! I love everything about it. The navy striped duvet, the headboard with the nailhead trim and especially the wood planks on the wall behind the bed. This bedroom is classic and timeless, with a few tweaks this bedroom would be great for a teenager as well. Jute Home Read more

Get a little Green with your Navy and Pink

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Today, we bring you a color inspiration mood board inspired by a pair of underwear. Not a pillow or a t-shirt…underwear. We spotted them during a shopping trip and though we didn’t purchase the underwear, we were really inspired by the color scheme.

So now you don’t have to rely just on magazines and Pinterest for decor inspiration because fashionable panties are at your disposal. As Kah says, they’re not just for covering your cheeks.

Anyway, the color inspiration here is navy, pink, and green. Now, we’ve seen plenty of navy and pink rooms. And few navy and green rooms. Yet, I searched for hours for navy, pink, and green and didn’t find anything. So we decided to throw a mood board together to see how it looks…we love it. Love the jewel tones. Might have to change my room around. Geez, I’m so indecisive. Check out the moodboard:

Navy, Pink, and Green Color Inspiration

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When the Skies are Gray: Gray Stripe Pillow Roundup

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The weather has been up and down in Baltimore, including pouring rain, and a significant drop in temperature from low 80’s to low 60’s. While, the rain does affect my mood and my productivity, there’s something absolutely beautiful about a gray sky. Turquoise is me and my sister’s favorite color, yet every wall in our apartment is painted gray! Gray is neutral and serves as a great backdrop for our love of bold patterns, especially florals and stripes. Speaking of stripes…I found a few yards of gray striped fabric on ebay with the intention of making covers for my euro pillows and if I have enough leftover a roman shade.

Gray Stripe Fabric

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Girls Bedroom Inspiration Roundup

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For the past month or so, we have been working on a girl’s bedroom. A few of the pieces that we intend to put in the room have already been featured on the blog:

Pink Floral French Side ChairTurquoise Chalkboard MirrorGray Painted DresserTurquoise Desk Before and After Makeover

pink stripe upholstered headboardHow to make a mirror look antiquePainted Lace Lampshade

All of these items are still currently sitting in random corners of our apartment. We would like to have every piece of furniture completed before we physically start decorating the room. That way after we paint the bedroom, it’ll be more of an installing and tweaking process. We still have to find bedding, paint a nightstand. Not to mention, the weather has been a little funky this week so we have been dedicating our time to finding inspiration online. This is what we’re loving. Read more