A Very Detailed Kitchen Renovation Progress Report

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A Very Detailed Kitchen Renovation Progress Report

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So the last time, we mentioned anything about the kitchen were in these two posts referencing the wood tile floor and where the hell we’ve been for almost the last two years.

So you guys are definitely due an update with more details. Let’s do a quick recap, shall we? And by quick recap, I mean pictures because I’m too lazy to type. However, that could change by the end of this post.

ugly kitchen before ugly kitchen before

The above pictures are what the kitchen looked like when we moved in. Hideous right? And yes that is fake brick with fake wood paneling. The countertops were also the lowest grade of laminate ever known to man. The particle board cabinets were just icing on the cake. Nothing in this kitchen was salvageable. We gave it a complete gut job and knocked down most of the walls. In the picture on the left that “mudroom” was just taking up wasted space and in the picture on the right the “pantry” was also useless.

kitchen before demo pantry wall ugly kitchen before demo
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Wood you believe It: Wood Tile Installation and QEP Spacer review

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It’s me again. Milla’s in the building for the third time in a week! That alone earns a Tina Fey Self High Five gif.

We deserve it Tina

We deserve it Tina!

found via Tumblr

So remember a couple days ago, I revealed a photo of  our self-leveling floor process in the kitchen…see below.

Self-leveling concrete in Kitchen

Self-leveling concrete in Kitchen

And remember some examples of wood tile installations?

Wood Tile before and after

Wood Tile before and after found via Pinterest

credit: still searching for original owner

Well we have since finished the installation process. It took a couple days and a few hiccups, but as of now we are just waiting for the grout to dry. Yay!

Speaking of hiccups…we used these tile leveling spacers and wedges that my fiance, let’s call him Ty (his real name) for descriptive purposes, found at Home Depot.

QEP Tile Leveling Spacer Clips

QEP Tile Leveling Spacer Clips and Wedge

Home Depot Tile Leveling

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Claustrophobia: Fear of Enclosed Porches

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Hello Lovelies! Milla here. I hope everyone’s weekend is going well. Mine was rather relaxing. However, I did exercise a little. I have to get into wedding shape. So daily I’ve been running up and down the steps. You all must know how hard this is to do when you have this blocking you…

Breeze The Cat

Breeze is a workout blocker

Breeze doesn’t value exercising at all. Oh and don’t mind the unfinished stairs. We will be getting to that eventually.

Anyway to the point of this post…My ongoing fantasy is to open up the porch area. We lack the funds to do so, but a girl can dream right?

We currently have an enclosed porch area. The previous owners slept in the front room and didn’t feel safe being so close to the street, which is understandable. However, in my mind they’ve covered up beautiful columns and railings that are original to our historic home. And I just  have to see what I am missing!

Now I’m fully aware that when we finally rip apart the walls I could be totally wrong and what I discover might look a bit like this…

Not a fan of wrought iron post

Not a fan of wrought iron post

credit: How to make over a front porch via HGTV

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Why So Serious: Home Renovation Struggles and Inspiration

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Oh Lovelies, has it already been 3 weeks since my last post??? What is happening? I can’t grasp it. I’m on the computer pretty often. And we’re working on so many projects that I can’t feel my legs by the time we are finished. I have all of these post ideas and not enough time, we just can’t keep up. Maybe because we are always saying screw it to taking progress pictures which negates the need for a post. Sigh…dilemmas.

Why is this Happening

Why is this Happening?

But I can’t complain too much. I’ve seen some horror home renovation stories around the blogosphere  and we have yet to experience that. Since June we opened nearly every wall on the main floor (curse you plaster walls) and encountered nothing but a sound structure. There weren’t any sinking beams or mold. No rotted floor joists. Most of our problems consisted of an awkwardly shaped kitchen, outdated family room, lack of closets (as expected in an old house), and an unleveled floor in some areas.

Speaking of an unleveled floor, the kitchen was greatly affected. Our plan is to install flooring over the existing dated tile. So we began, well my honey did all the work here. He applied self-leveling concrete over the tile and it worked perfectly! No more earthquake feeling beneath your feet whenever you walk.

Self-leveling concrete in Kitchen

Self-leveling concrete in Kitchen

Now that the concrete has fully dried, we hope to extend the look of wood flooring that exists in the rest of the house into the kitchen. So we purchased wood tile from The Tile Shop here in Maryland.

If you are unfamiliar with wood tile…get ready for picture galore via Pinterest.

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Got Twins? (Recapping a Year and a Half of Abandonment )

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Got Twins? (Year and a half of abandonment)

Oh where, Oh where have those lovely twins gone? Oh where, oh where could they be? *sings* Hello Lovelies!! We have so much to apologize for…starting with the song at the beginning of this post. My apologies I need a pick me up, rough day. Anyway, I’m so disgusted and Kah is too ashamed to show her face here so I volunteered to add the first post after a year and a half of abandonment. Lucky me. So here it comes. You will get a “heartfelt” explanation, sprinkled with some damn good excuses,  and finished off with pictorial deliciousness wrapped in a extra long post. Sound good? Great. September 2012 to Early 2013: We were decorating for family. That’s always fun. Then painting for family. That sucked. Our arms and fingers hurt too much to type up a post for you all, which is why we didn’t (Excuse #1) Next…thrifting and Craigslisting for family. Yay more vintage chairs to own while inching closer to hoarder status. What can I say we are chair obsessed. Mid 2013 to Summer 2013: We had outgrown our apartment to the point that we had to use my parents basement as a free garage. So the search for a house began. Found a house we liked but was outbid. Bummer. Found another one. It was a flipper and it flipping failed the inspection. We withdrew our offer before they could run away with our deposit that was twice the amount than usual around Baltimore. I guess that should have been a sign. Read more