A Very Detailed Kitchen Renovation Progress Report

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Shopping for Home Decor: Finding That Statement Piece

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Ikat! And other Tribal Prints: Fabric Inspiration

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Revisiting The Old Living Room vs. The New Family Room

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Chevron Chair Upholstery Progress!

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Oh my! We have been busy bees lately! Party planning is going well. We’ve booked our DJ and now we can focus on decorations. As of now my focus is on finishing up the chairs I mentioned last week. I’m working on it at my own pace instead of every day. I haven’t had the determination that I usually have when working on projects. But I did make a lot of progress that I want to share with you.

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Sleeping in the Shower with Pillows

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Hello lovelies! Milla here! Where have I been right? Obviously not in the mood for decorating or blogging as I just got over a hazardous cold and whatever productive  energy I had left, Kah sucked it all up. I guess that’s how we as twins keep things balanced *shrugs*.

Anyhoo, the title of this post may seem a little misleading so allow me to clear up the confusion. First off, don’t be alarmed. We are not sleeping in the shower. Kah purchased this shower curtain from Urban Outfitters as a Christmas gift for me intending to make pillows for my bedroom. Thanks Kah, love you!!!

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How to: Make Double-Welt Cording

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For the past two days I have been working on reupholstering a seat for a french style side chair. The previous chair had some basic trim to cover the staples and frayed edges, but I thought using welting /cording /piping (whatever you want to call it) would give it a more professional appearance. I wanted to use double-welt cording though….and I’ve never had the pleasure of sewing double-welt cording until today. This is where I had to get fancy with what I had for multiple reasons, two of them being-I didn’t own a sewing machine attachment specifically for double-welt piping and I didn’t even know if I could find double-welt piping in stores.

Here’s a lovely tutorial on sewing double-welt cording with a standard presser foot, zipper foot and single piping from Censational Girl.

Sewing Double-Welt Piping (The “amateur” way)

The first step is to cut your fabric into strips 2 or more inches wide. I usually cut my strips at 2 inches width, but this time I cut about 3 inches just to be safe. You will be cutting your strips on the bias, which means cutting it on a 45 degree diagonal/angle.

How to make double welt pipingHow to make double welt piping

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Double Take: Before & After Upholstered Headboard

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I mentioned in a previous post that Kah  and I would be reupholstering a headboard for our next diy client project. If  you haven’t read the post…we scored this twin-size headboard at our local Goodwill for$10. See it below:

Pink Upholstered Headboard-Before
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