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Shopping for Home Decor: Finding That Statement Piece

Hello all. I hope everyone is having a fabulous day! I'm not. The weather is terrible here in Maryland. It is barely 50 degrees, cloudy, windy and rainy. The Read more

Ikat! And other Tribal Prints: Fabric Inspiration

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Shopping for Home Decor: Finding That Statement Piece

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Hello all. I hope everyone is having a fabulous day! I’m not. The weather is terrible here in Maryland. It is barely 50 degrees, cloudy, windy and rainy. The weather basically sums up my mood and health perfectly. I’ve been sick for at least three days now, but that didn’t stop me from shopping with my favorite person (that’s Milla if y’all were wondering).

On Saturday, at 11 in the morning we left the house to start shopping, which was an early start for us. We had two main places on our agenda: The Antique Shopping District in Historic Ellicott City and Debois Textiles. We also stopped at HomeGoods & Ross and a few thrift stores. Here’s a snapshot of some of the gems we walked away. Note: I did not in any way attempt to style the items in this photo, but it somehow looks like I did. Kudos to me!

shopping for eclectic home decor accessories

You may have noticed that we brought a lot of figurines and sculpturesque decor. Initially, our motive for this shopping trip was to find a statement piece, or something that would stand out -since Milla is sick of me saying the word statement piece, haha. Anyway, I think we definitely achieved what we were looking for. Read more

The Thrill of Goodwill: Vintage Fine China

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Hi blog visitors! Welcome back! I tried very hard to get this post published earlier, but the site crashed due to the WordPress automatic upgrade. We were able  to fix it by reinstalling the old version, figuring out which plugins were no longer compatible and found new ones or deactivated them completely. If anyone else is having this problem, try that.

So this will be a quick post. I just wanted to show you all this new vintage china set that we scored at the Goodwill. Its is a 60 piece White and Gold china set made in Poland. And we paid a whopping $25.00 for the whole set. If we work out some math skills…that is an average of 41  cents per an item! The set includes, teapots, teacups, six different sizes of plates and bowls, and cute little salt and pepper shakers.

Anyway enough with the talking checkout the pictures…

Vintage White China with gold rim

Vintage White China with gold rim

Vintage White China with gold rim

Vintage White China with gold rim

What do you all think? Have you found some vintage goodies at insane prices? Please share in the comments.

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Chair Addicts Part Deux continued

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So as promised (a day later, blame Kah)…we are posting more pictures of our lovely vintage chairs from this weekend’s shopping experience. First up is this beautiful tufted chair. The color is absolutely hideous and the fabric has clearly seen better days, but look at that deep tufting.

vintage chair with deep tufts and french details vintage chair with deep tufts and french details

We found this on Craigslist for $50! Don’t you just love when you get great deals on vintage pieces? When I scrolled the pages and came across this, I just had to have it. I had no idea where we were going to use this chair, but we would have certainly regretted leaving this behind. Read more

Recent Purchases: New & Old

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Hello lovelies! Sorry we took the week off. Our family reunion took place over the weekend, which we had to move inside because it rained all day long. However, we didn’t allow the weather to stop us from having fun! After the fun was over I fit in some time for shopping. I can always make time to shop!

gray and teal bedroom, teal desk, gray nailhead headboard, brass lamp

First up, is a beautiful brass lamp I bought from the Goodwill for a mere $10. I originally had a different brass lamp (pictured above), but it came as a pair and I was advised by Milla to move it back to the dining room. So that left me lamp-less for a few hours until I found this beauty!

It’s a nice a heavy brass lamp, I especially love the raised leaf design. Here’s a closeup. And that beauty to the left is my new  gold round mirror. I’m only showing a sneak peek because the room isn’t quite ready for full viewing. I bought the mirror from Marshalls for $39.99, aren’t the intertwined circles amazing!


Last Night’s Shopping Trip to Joann’s

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Hello lovelies! Happy Wednesday to you all. And if you live around the Maryland area, I hope you enjoyed this beautiful weather the past couple of  days.

Anyhoo as you will notice from the post title…Kah and I took  a shopping trip to Jo-Ann’s last night. It wasn’t a planned trip, at least not for me. I was not informed that we weren’t going straight home from work until we drove by our exit. Apparently, I would’ve complained if I was told in advance. But I was actually cool with it since we haven’t been there in a while according to the cashier who said she missed us. Funny right?

So, I have a love/hate relationship with Jo-Ann’s. In my opinion they are great for most things other than non-basic home decor fabric. If you go to the quilting fabric section, you will find plenty of bright color schemes and high quality designs. For example, either of these two coordinating fabrics below would look great on an arm chair or if you’re really bold, a sofa or love seat.

Stonehill Collection Fabric-Retro Active Main Floral Purple

Stonehill Collection Fabric-Retro Active Stripe Multi

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Run to your nearest Target!

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I know I’m late, but have any of you been to Target lately! I was stunned by the selection of new decor they have in stock. I’m talking about some very stylish pieces. I spent about a good hour in Target cramming things into my cart, but I did manage to put a few things back even though it was difficult. Try to hold onto your wallet a little better than I did. I’m going to share with you all the lovely items that now reside in our home.

pink chevron and floral target pillows
Isn’t this pink chevron pillow a beauty!? I just knew they would be the perfect accent to Milla’s navy and turquoise bedroom and they’re only $19.99. Hurry, they are going fast and are already sold out online.

You didn’t think I could just leave the turquoise one there on the shelf, now did you? I didn’t purchase the gold lamp shade because I had no use for it, but it could really liven up a neutral room for $19.99. However, I did leave with two lampshades that were a good fit for the dining room. Read more

Floral Pillow Love: Etsy Edition

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Hi all, good morning! Unfortunately, we don’t have any makeovers for you guys yet, but I spent most of last night browsing Etsy for throw pillows for Kah. I was searching for bright floral pillows and decided to show you guys what I found.


Floral Turquoise Pillow Amy Butler

This pillow above…Kah is thinking about putting it on her bed to add a punch of color to her black and white color scheme. It is available for sale $29.95 or cheaper for $13.95

Japanese Echino Woodland Aqua Pillow

Lion Pillow Echino Floral Forest

These lovelies are like artwork on a pillow. They are for sale by Henrietta and Morty. They have some great graphic and Japanese inspired pillows. The first one is $30.94 and the latter is also $30.94

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Stress-free Shopping at Ikea

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I’d consider myself a very productive person in the morning- if I’m already up that is. During the week I’m usually up before 9 to drop Milla off at her respective job.  After dropping her off I’ll get back home by 9:30 and since I don’t have to go to work til after 1, that gives me plenty of time to complete necessary projects or shopping trips.

Most days, my shopping trips involve stopping at every goodwill or thrift store within a 20 miles radius, but today I decided to take my money over to Ikea. Ikea and I have a very good relationship and while my house is not completely furnished with Ikea I do like to mix pieces from there with thrifted items for a unique look.

I didn’t have any particular products in mind when I walked in, sometimes I just go for inspiration. First stop: The “As is” bin. I spotted a good amount of gems and here’s what I picked up today:

Alvine Kvist Duvet set Read more