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Double Take: Before & After Upholstered Yellow Side Chair Makeover with mini tutorial

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Hello! I know it’s been forever since you’ve seen either one of us around these parts, but I do have a makeover to share with you all today. The good news is that we haven’t just been sitting on our butts all month, we’ve actually been very busy! Other than enjoying our summer with trips to amusement parks, we have been working on our bedrooms and other projects. In the next few weeks we should have a huge upholstery project to share. However, today I’m sharing a chair that resides in my bedroom.

french cane chair

You may remember this chair from a few months ago that I purchased for $50 and I primed it right away, while I decided on a color and fabric.

white french cane chair, teal desk, teal mirror
After hitting the jackpot on a yellow garden stool at the new grand opening of HomeGoods in Baltimore (Towson) MD, I decided to go with a bright sunny yellow and here is the new look.

yellow upholstered side chair

Isn’t it pretty? I really love anything yellow these days. It’s such a happy color and it looks great paired with white linen which I scored at 50% off a yard at Joann’s huge fabric sale last week. Read more

DIY Stenciled Curtains

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For the past three or four days I have been a busy little bee, which may explain my inability to get to work on time, shh don’t tell anyone! See, I have a problem leaving the house on time when I immerse myself in diy projects. The project of the week was to stencil curtains for the dining room. I wasn’t really looking forward to the project because I knew I would have to do majority of it alone until Milla came home from work and helped. I owned up to the challenge anyway because I couldn’t just let a free stencil go to waste. Thanks ( Cutting Edge Stencils!)

The neglected dining room was finally getting some much needed attention. First the fabulous craigslist buffet and now the curtains. white ikea grommet curtains merete
At first we had simple white grommet curtains from Ikea, but we were both looking for a bold pattern to liven up the dining room. Try not to stare at the ugly ceiling fan, we have plans for that and the mirror.

I laid the white curtain on a tarp  to setup my painting area. Breeze wasn’t much of a helper as you can see, he was more interested in the birds and squirrels outside. We decided on a geometric stencil, specifically the Oasis Allover Stencil by Cutting Edge Stencils. We love the Moroccan style and thought it was a great complement to the floral and chevron in the living room. Read more

Double Take: Lace Lamp Makeover Before & Many Afters

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Happy Monday everyone! It feels like it has been days since we’ve updated and it doesn’t help that the weekend just flew by! The weather hasn’t been best in Baltimore for most of the week, but yesterday the rain held up and allowed us to fit a few projects into our busy weekend! Why were we so busy? We attended two birthday parties for our younger cousin and “godtwins” (easier than saying twin godchildren-even though I just said it!). And we’re still feeling the effects from those parties! Now I know why I don’t bowl regularly, it is indeed a workout and I think I may have pulled a glute!

Anyway, the project of choice was a lamp. What? No, chair? No dresser? Yes, a lamp sorry to disappoint you all! However, it is a pretty lamp. It started out as a black lamp base as you can see. This makeover involved a few makeovers before we liked the final result.

Lamp Makeover Read more

How to: Make Double-Welt Cording

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For the past two days I have been working on reupholstering a seat for a french style side chair. The previous chair had some basic trim to cover the staples and frayed edges, but I thought using welting /cording /piping (whatever you want to call it) would give it a more professional appearance. I wanted to use double-welt cording though….and I’ve never had the pleasure of sewing double-welt cording until today. This is where I had to get fancy with what I had for multiple reasons, two of them being-I didn’t own a sewing machine attachment specifically for double-welt piping and I didn’t even know if I could find double-welt piping in stores.

Here’s a lovely tutorial on sewing double-welt cording with a standard presser foot, zipper foot and single piping from Censational Girl.

Sewing Double-Welt Piping (The “amateur” way)

The first step is to cut your fabric into strips 2 or more inches wide. I usually cut my strips at 2 inches width, but this time I cut about 3 inches just to be safe. You will be cutting your strips on the bias, which means cutting it on a 45 degree diagonal/angle.

How to make double welt pipingHow to make double welt piping

Read more

Double Take: Before & After Upholstered Headboard

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I mentioned in a previous post that Kah  and I would be reupholstering a headboard for our next diy client project. If  you haven’t read the post…we scored this twin-size headboard at our local Goodwill for$10. See it below:

Pink Upholstered Headboard-Before
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