Chair Addicts Part Deux

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Anyway we have a problem. Our names are Kah and Milla and we are still addicted to chairs. Specifically, buying and restoring chairs. I had to convince my honey that you can never have enough seating. And if the chair is cheap, vintage, and in excellent shape, he has to let me buy it. But he also has hopes that we will reupholster and resell. I haven’t exactly agreed to that yet…should I feel bad? No? Great.

So over the weekend, Kah and I stalked Craigslist and visited a new thrift store. Between Saturday and Sunday, we acquired five chairs. Yes FIVE chairs! Before you say we are crazy. We have plans to furnish our large family room and foyer with plenty of seating.

Take a look below…

vintage chairs with french detail and velvet upholstery.

These two chairs were purchased from a thrift store in Laurel, Maryland, called Laurel Thrift Store. Aren’t they lovely?! We decided to check out this store for the first time since we were already in the area at a local flea market. We didn’t find anything of decorative value at the Flea Market, but man did we hit the jackpot at the thrift store!

vintage chairs with french detail and velvet upholstery.

We spotted these two beauties tucked away in the corner and when we found out that they were only $25 a piece we knew we had to have them. However, there were three issues.  The first issue: We didn’t have the pickup truck with us, only our Elantra. The second issue: The chairs would most likely fit in the Elantra if we didn’t have two extra passengers with us. The third issue: The thrift store was 40 minutes away from our house.

Our solution: Buy the chairs and then somehow make it back before the store closed with the truck. We made it back to the store with 20 minutes to spare! Whoo!  We treated ourselves with a refreshing Strawberry Lemonade. I suppose we could have transported the chairs home first and left our passengers (my fiance & Kah’s boyfriend) in Laurel, but I’m sure they wouldn’t have been too pleased with that idea.

vintage chairs with french detail and velvet upholstery. vintage chairs with french detail and velvet upholstery.
Anyway, does anyone know the correct style, period or name for these chairs? In the meantime we’ll start looking for some textile options to spruce these babies up.

vintage chairs with french detail and velvet upholstery.

A separate post with the chairs purchased from Craigslist will be added tomorrow.

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7 Responses to Chair Addicts Part Deux

  1. Tara

    I love your taste! I cannot believe the great deals you all have gotten on your chairs!!! Coming to you from

    • Kahli

      I know Tara we couldn’t believe it either! We have so many things in our garage we’ll be able to have a garage soon! Thanks for visiting and commenting off to read your blog!

  2. Kathy

    These chairs look fantastic – beautiful detail and lines – So delighted that you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,

    • Milla

      We can’t wait to update them. Thanks for hosting Home and Garden Thursday and stopping by.

  3. Kimberly Hughes

    You guys are thrifting geniuses!!! I love those chairs, amazing find and I can’t BELIEVE the price! Score!! xxx

    • Milla

      We couldn’t believe it either! There was absolutely nothing else in that store aside from those gorgeous chairs.

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