Chevron Chair Upholstery Progress!

Oh my! We have been busy bees lately! Party planning is going well. We’ve booked our DJ and now we can focus on decorations. As of now my focus is on finishing up the chairs I mentioned last week. I’m working on it at my own pace instead of every day. I haven’t had the determination that I usually have when working on projects. But I did make a lot of progress that I want to share with you.

I still have to finish up the cushion, staple the fabric to the sides and back. This chair involved a lot more sewing than the previous armchair I did, excluding the cushion. I had to sew the pieces of the arm together like a slipcover first and then staple it down.

I’m not looking forward to having to do another chair, but it has to get done. What were we thinking when we decided this was a good idea….until next time. I’ll probably do a tutorial series with a next chair with less frustration.
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3 Responses to Chevron Chair Upholstery Progress!

  1. Lucy

    Progress on your chair is looking great – I love it!!! I think I may just copy your fabric for that sofa/chair whatever its called that still remains in the back porch of my apartment. That poor thing needs a prayer .lol.

  2. BeezRentalDesigns

    Wow! You’re doing a great job on the chair; especially matching the pattern so well. I know from experience that it makes the job a bit harder. By the way, I received my furniture pulls and they will work perfect with my new bedroom makeover. If you have a chance could you join my linky party: Frugal Treasures Tuesday going on right now; this post would be great! It’s going a little slow right now. : (
    Look forward to the final reveal!

  3. Redlilocks {Swoon Worthy}

    Loving how this is coming out, it’s really fabulous. I saw a wingback chair on eBay for a tenner and I immediately thought of your project – but I fear I don’t have your mad skillz!! lol xxx

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