Dress Form Decor: Creepy or Cute?

Hello all! It’s been a while since I’ve shared anything related to my bedroom, which by the way looks nothing like this anymore.

Yeah, I know what you are thinking because I think I’m crazy too! I definitely need to make up my mind! My room has evolved about a 100 times. I’ll give a quick rundown of what you’ll expect once I finally complete the makeover. My walls are no longer light gray, but white and I don’t mean kinda white, I mean bright white! I thought I would never actually paint my walls white but I love it! My room looks so much brighter! Even on those days where the sun hides from my one lonely window.

Here’s a peek at the walls painted white. I still have to paint the baseboard and vacuum the carpet. Did I ever mention how much I loathe carpet? My dream home will have hardwood floors in every room.
dress form homegoods
You may have noticed that large figure in the picture. It’s my recently purchased dress form from HomeGoods. I have been on the hunt for one for months and I was happy to see one there. And even happier that Milla didn’t talk me out of it. She’s such a great sister. The dress form was originally $59.99, but the manager discounted it down to $35 because the base was unstable. I didn’t care, I was sure I could find a way to repair it and I did (well Milla’s boyfriend did but I found the parts).

I’m glad it’s fixed because now I can fulfill my desire to create an eclectic space and I kept envisioning a dress form in the corner. I don’t know yet if I’ll leave it bare, dress it up, or change the fabric. While I think dress forms are extremely beautiful as an accent piece, they can be creepy. I have a designated space in mind for the piece, but I reposition it before I got to sleep because the shadows creep me out at night if I can see it!

white bedroom

Livet Hemma

I love this space! It has a very french rustic feel, even while incorporating the modern Ikea Hemnes Dresser.

Photo by Peter Broeng for Linnea Press via Bolig Plus

This completely all white bedroom is gorgeous. I love the minimalist look.

Photo by Paul Joseph Hopper  via Apartment Therapy

This bedroom is more modern. I’m loving the gorgeous teal floral fabric on the dress form. I could never sleep with the dress form that close to my bed, it would definitely freak me out because I’ve always been a very light sleeper. In fact I wear earplugs to sleep peacefully because even Breeze wakes me up, especially now that he’s found joy in a toy mouse. We’ve never known him to play with store-bought toys he was always more interested in things he wasn’t supposed to play with!

Enjoy your weekend!

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9 Responses to Dress Form Decor: Creepy or Cute?

  1. Katie

    What a great deal on the dress form! You’re too funny about the form creepy you out at night. Then again, it would probably creep me out, too!

    • Kahli

      I tried to keep it at the foot of my bed last night and I kept thinking someone was in my room watching me! I blame lifetime movies.

  2. cordyceps

    I like the white wall paint and it’s help to sleep.

  3. Redlilocks {Swoon Worthy}

    I love all white rooms, despite just painting my bedroom black 😉 I think it’s the perfect foil for all your pretties because it just sets everything off perfectly!

    Had to laugh about the dress form! I had a little (faux) black crow in my bedroom and while I liked the look of it, I had to take it down cuz it was creeping me out!! lol I do really love the teal floral fabric, however, it’s gorgeous!

    I’m sure whatever you do, it’ll look fabulous! xxx

    • Kahli

      How did you get away with having faux crow with Pablo there? Lol it didn’t freak him out? I’m loving the teal floral dressform. I’m debating on finding a fabric similar because I already have a teal dresser and mirror in my room

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  5. Kim

    I NEED a dressform in my room. I love the one you have…I cannot seem to find a neutral one like that. I only seem to find ones that are too light or have script on them.

    • Kahli

      Well if the one you find is not too expensive you could cover it in neutral fabric yourself. Do you have a Homegoods in your area? I saw a neutral one there not too long ago.

  6. Petra

    Great blog!! Very inspiring, thanks!!

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