Double Take: Teal Dresser Makeover

A few days ago you may remember I made this post about my plans to paint my bedroom dresser teal. Most of the process went pretty smoothly and I’m happy with the finished look.

Dresser Makeover: Before
Teal Dresser

I spray painted the dresser with Rustoleum in  Lagoon. I think this shade of teal is just lovely and will complement my gray walls well.

Teal Dresser paint Makeover
Teal Dresser Paint Makeover

I decided to keep the original hardware  for now to save money.  I tried to polish them, but a few were badly tarnished. I even enlisted the help of our 7-year-old godchildren (they’re twins too!). By the way, I do not endorse child labor. They wanted to help.

Dresser Makeover

The hardware started out pretty badly as you can see and after the failed attempt at polishing I decided to just spray paint it with Krylon Brilliant Gold. The gold was a little too bright for me so I just rubbed some black craft paint into the details and wiped it away. It gives it the antique vibe I was looking for.

Dresser Hardware

Dresser Hardware

Dresser Hardware

At the introduction of this post I mentioned how smoothly the project went…well I lied. There was a potential major setback that occurred as I was finishing up the last dresser drawer. RAIN! The forecast called for a 30% chance of rain…

hard raining


Even Breeze was perplexed. Thankfully, I was able to get the dresser inside before the heavy downpour. It delayed the project by a day, but all’s well that ends well.

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24 Responses to Double Take: Teal Dresser Makeover

  1. ShannonVan

    Love the transformation! I like the board with all the teal dressers for inspiration! I think my daughter used the Lagoon on a stool she made at woodworking class also! Great blog, and thanks for the comment on my post.

    • Kahli

      Thanks for visiting Shannon! And no problem I love to discover new blogs. Teal is such a lovely color, isn’t it?

  2. Katie @ Wildwood Creek

    Beautiful color and that hardware is gorgeous!

    • Kahli

      Thanks Katie I guess I should keep it then :)

  3. Katie

    This is so gorgeous! I love the color you chose! Love what you did with the hardware too! It looks perfectly antiqued!

    • Kahli

      Thank you Katie! That’s cool to have two Katie’s comment back to back like that :). I was never a fan of pure gold I think the weathered look is better.

      • Milla

        Aren’t you glad I told you to use the black craft paint?

  4. Farrah

    I think it turned out fantastic. I have a similar dresser and want to paint it a similar color… But I was afraid of getting an uneven finish with spray paint, even though I think it would produce a nice brush stroke-free finish. Did you have any tricks for a uniform finish, especially on the larger surfaces? And how many cans did it use? Thanks!

    • Kahli

      Hello Farrah thanks for the comment and the visit. It took me about 2-3 cans of spray paint to get the desired even finish. The spray paint covered amazingly well. However, I would say spraying thin coats in a side to side sweeping worked for me to give the best coverage and prevents dripping especially on large areas. And making sure not to stand too close to avoid drips. Also always make sure to shake the can very well and test on a newspaper first to make sure the can is not clogged.

  5. Tori

    Oooh I love this! Nice!

  6. Vicky

    I love the blue…..Mother Nature gets in the way of our projects at times we just have to make the best of it. I glad to have discovered your blog. Have a great day!

    • Kahli

      Thank you Vicky for visiting and glad you enjoyed the blog! I’m off to discover yours :)

  7. simple home life

    I love the this color! The hardware looks great as well, thanks again for linking up!

    • Kahli

      Thanks again for visiting :) and you’re welcome

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  9. Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

    Terrific color! Funny; I had the same thing happen to me with the same percentage of rain forecasted. Around here, it doesn’t USUALLY rain if it’s ONLY a 30% chance. But it did… A LOT!

    Thanks for linking to the party.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

    • Kahli

      Yeah mother nature can ruin furniture. I wish we would have recorded us freaking out haha. Thanks for visiting Liz!

  10. cassie

    awesome! i love the color- it is soooo fun!

    • Milla

      Teal is the best, isn’t it? Thanks for all the comments Cassie. It’s greatly appreciated.

  11. ashley

    i LOVE the color…i also love the chair you did too…the colors on it are awesome! great work!

    • Milla

      Thanks Ashley for visiting! We love the bright colors too. Especially since all the rooms in the house have some form of a gray wall.

  12. Sara

    This is absolutely GORGEOUS!! LOVE the color…and would LOVE to have you link this up to my new turquoise lovin’ linky party!! :)

  13. Sara

    SO happy you linked this up at my turquoise lovin’ party!! Hope to have you back again soon!

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