Floral Pillow Love: Etsy Edition

Hi all, good morning! Unfortunately, we don’t have any makeovers for you guys yet, but I spent most of last night browsing Etsy for throw pillows for Kah. I was searching for bright floral pillows and decided to show you guys what I found.


Floral Turquoise Pillow Amy Butler

This pillow above…Kah is thinking about putting it on her bed to add a punch of color to her black and white color scheme. It is available for sale $29.95 or cheaper for $13.95

Japanese Echino Woodland Aqua Pillow

Lion Pillow Echino Floral Forest

These lovelies are like artwork on a pillow. They are for sale by Henrietta and Morty. They have some great graphic and Japanese inspired pillows. The first one is $30.94 and the latter is also $30.94

Shabby Chic Floral Pillow

This pillow as the seller notes is so shabby chic. I love the color combination of the bright yellow with the pink and turquoise. It’s such a statement piece for only $24.00

Floral Forest Pillow

This is another Japanese inspired pillow by Shop Janery $27.00. It’s so cute! Maybe I should’ve just done a post about Japanese inspired pillows.

Two Teal Gray Pillow

If your not into bright floral pillows but love graphics this will be a great pillow to buy. The design here looks as if it was drawn on. The color scheme is so subtle therefore the graphics pop $30.00


Gray and White Rose PillowI don’t see many monochrome pillows out there so this one caught my eye. Would this work in a bright colorful scheme? It’s $46.00 for the set.

There were many more pillows  to choose from but my finger got tired of clicking the mouse. I hope the few items that I added here inspired someone. And hey I could add some more later, you never know. Anyway, you all enjoy the rest of your day.

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