Free Printable Art Roundup

So…how about that earthquake earlier today! It seemed like it hit multiple states. Here in Baltimore, MD the news said it was about a 5.9 magnitude. That was my first earthquake ever and I must admit it freaked me out somewhat. At first I didn’t really know what was going on just thought a plane was outside, but then the shaking did not get any better. Once reality set in, my first instinct was to find Breeze and save my new precious thrifty $20 mirror- you see where my priorities are??? The good news is that we didn’t suffer any damage! I hope all our lovely readers are okay :).

Since that earthquake shook us all up today, here’s some more free printable art to calm you down. I searched the internet looking for some of the best free printable art I could find and I’m sharing my discoveries with you. To download my free printable art from yesterday click here.

Free Printable Art

1. Keep Calm & Keep Clean (Would be nice in a bathroom or kitchen. Wash those hands kiddies! This is available in multiple colorways. Salt & Paper offers other freebies as well)

2. We will Have Rainbows (I’ve featured this artwork before in Samaya’s Bedroom post. I love it so much that I just had to add it to this list)

3. What You Do…(This phrase couldn’t be more true! A lot more free artwork available in that post)

4. Without the Rain…(Isn’t this insanely cute! And who doesn’t love rainbows)

5. Do What You Love Do it Often (I’m definitely going to print this and display it my house. I try to do what I love often. Lots more colorways available)

6. Me and My Camera (For all you photogs, you need to have this. This makes me want to go out and buy a Nikon or something. Several Variations available)

Free Printable Art

1. Rainbow (Can you tell how much I love rainbows?)

2. Vintage Peacock (Look at the vibrancy in this print!)

3. I Like You A lot (I like the warped text effect. This is available in multiple colorways. Salt & Paper offers other freebies as well)

4. Vintage Map (The New York Public Library digital gallery is a huge source for free art especially vintage. It’s so many maps listed I couldn’t find this exact one, but I’m sure you’ll be satisfied)

5. Fee Harding ( I just love this quirky artwork. This would be a great addition to a girls room. Feed Your Soul has a ton of free printable art)
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18 Responses to Free Printable Art Roundup

  1. Lori

    Thank you! This list is great. I’m excited to print some of these!

    Also, you live in Baltimore?? Wasn’t that earthquake scary? I didn’t feel it, I was in my car, but every was very shaken up here at the office. (Shaken up… LOL. I crack myself up.) I live right over the PA line and I’m in Baltimore every few weeks!! Do you have any tips for really great thrift stores or flea markets in your area?

    • Kahli

      Hey Lori :). Yes we’re in Baltimore. WHOOT WHOOT lol. (Yes that was corny!) And OMG that earthquake was quite freaky! Totally unexpected and I was not prepared. I’ll have to be ready next time. We usually shop at Ryan’s Relics on 8100 Belair Rd in Baltimore County. The Goodwill also on Belair Rd (a few blocks up in 8600 I think) seems to be a jackpot for us most times. We recently discovered The Treasure Chest in Forest Hill, MD they had some decent things with good prices might be a little far. The Salvation Army and Goodwill (hit or miss) both on East Joppa Rd. I’m running a blank on some other stores. I’ll ask my sis and shoot you an email.

      For fabric you have to go to Debois Textiles on Washington BLVD. You’ll find some nice fabrics there. We purchased fabric from there for both upholstery jobs.

  2. Erica

    Just found your site today through ishareprintables. I LOVE printables.

    I live in NC and I felt the quake too. Talk about scary!!

    • Kahli

      Hey Erica! Yes that quake was scary! Hope that doesn’t happen again ever. I just followed you on pinterest. Thanks for the comment over there by the way, I’m still trying to find this “wall” pinterest keeps telling me I have! I should make printables more often. It seems to be a big hit and people love freebies! Thanks for visiting :)

      • Erica

        LOL!! They need to change that wording! :-)

        • Kahli

          Did you not find it either? LOL. I sent you a test message on pinterest just to make sure I wasn’t losing my mind!

  3. Erica

    Nope, I can’t find that imaginary wall anywhere! LOL They need to fix that :-)

    • Kahli

      Great! My sanity has been restored! Thank you because I just spent the last hour refreshing the page and googling to see where this so called wall could be! LOL. I’m going to send a tweet to them for assistance and report back

      • Erica

        I’m looking forward to what they say. I have no clue where a “wall” would be on Pinterest. I guess they think they’re Facebook or something!

        • Kahli

          Exactly! Until today I didn’t even know I could send other Pinterest users messages, so thanks for sending one our way. Hopefully they get back to me. I wouldn’t mind it being like Facebook actually. It would be great exposure for bloggers and make it more sociable.

          • Erica

            It certainly would. I’ve tried to be social by leavinga message like “Thanks for following” or “Love your blog.” I never get a reply and now I know they have no clue how to leave one! LOL

          • Kahli

            Yup that’s it. I don’t think most would be as persistent as me to find out, but my twin and I always reply to feedback. It has been great chatting with you I must say!

      • China

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  4. Erica

    Well, thank you! :-)

  5. Vicki

    ok so wow and wow. love this collection. thank you so much. i am going to find you on pinterest too!! yeah! xoxo

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  8. janetd

    Thanks so much!!!

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