It’s Frugal Friday: A Thrifting Showcase #2

It’s Friday. Frugal Friday to be exact! Albeit mother nature had it in for the East Coast all week, we found time to check out a couple local thrift stores and Goodwill’s. Some not so local, but we’d drive a little bit of a distance for a good deal. Most if not all things we saw this week we actually purchased. Yes, the temptation got the best of us. We’re so weak.

It's Frugal Friday: A Thrifting Showcase

1. Large Ornate Oriental Style Mirror $20.00 purchased at a local Goodwill.  Yes you read that correctly $20.00! We’ve been looking for a large mirror for our hallway for awhile and couldn’t believe that this gem was still available when we walked in. Check out that detail!

2. Round Scallop Mirror $30.00 purchased at a local HomeGoods. It’s hard to find decent round mirrors at a reasonable price. We have since gave this mirror a makeover. Pictures to follow soon.

3. French Provincial Dresser $40.00 purchased at The Treasure Chest Thrift Store (Forest Hill, MD) We have huge plans for this beauty. Look forward to a new paint color and makeover soon.

4. Vintage Burwood Ornate Fan $4.00 purchased at The Treasure Chest Thrift Store (Forest Hill, MD) The thing about this item…we haven’t decided what to do with it, but we barely pass on anything under $5. We may use it in someone else’s house. Oh here are some fans that are  just like ours on Ebay. Sorry they aren’t $4.

5. Vintage Lunchbox $0.50 purchased at Buried Treasures in Dundalk, MD. This is a new thrift store that just opened this weekend. There wasn’t much furniture yet but they had some great knick knacks and decor items like this one.

6.  Vintage Clock $7 purchased at The Shabby Button in Kingsville, MD. Isn’t this clock so cute? And it’s turquoise and pink. A little girl will be the very happy owner of this soon.

7. Pottery Barn Kids Clock $2 purchased at a local Goodwill. This is a cute clock too. Similar clocks at Pottery Barn Kids here are not as cheap unfortunately.

8. Vintage Globe $5 purchased at a local Goodwill. We have seen several globes during our thrifting trips and this is by far the best. It doesn’t look fake and it’s the perfect shade of minty green.


Do you live in Maryland or a nearby state and know of some other thrifty jackpot locations? Let us know. We’ll be forever grateful!


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6 Responses to It’s Frugal Friday: A Thrifting Showcase #2

  1. Keandra

    These posts are soo inspiring! It’s easy to get discouraged by the slim pickings at thrift stores when it seems EVERYONE on the web is picking up the vintage stuff of their DREAMS!!! All these great (and INEXPENSIVE!!!) finds just make me wanna look harder! I’m looking for globes for my baby boy’s room right now and just so you know…that mirror is making me DROOL!!!

    • Milla

      Aww so glad these post inspired you. Do you live nearby because we see globes all the time. And there are thrift stores in the DC area too. Do you live some where goodwill and thrift is popular?

  2. Keandra

    The problem is that I live in New Orleans. Before Katrina, we had LOTS of goodies. Now you have soo many people who lost their good vintage stuff that the pickings aren’t what they once were. My sister is getting married in Texas in October. I DROOL over their thrift stores so hopefully I’ll get a chance to check them out for globes! I’ve convinced the hubbs to drive so that I’ll have the SUV to fill with yummies! (INSERT EVIL LAUGH HERE!!!)

  3. Milla

    Oh that’s makes sense. I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you find something in Texas. I wish we had a SUV, but we would probably purchase everything we see just because it can fit in the car. If you’re anything like us, your hubby is in for some trouble lol. Thanks for visiting Keandra.

  4. Keandra

    The hubbs is actually pretty cool now! I visited our local thrift store and found a buffet for our kitchen for FIVE DOLLARS!!! It looked and SMELLED soo badly when I brought it in that I knew he’d probably give me $5 to RETURN IT! So,I did the only thing I could do: I cleaned and painted it before he got home!!! (You can see how it turned out here: Sadly, everything doesn’t fit in hubbs’ truck. Like that wingback chair at the flea market which was $20…I almost wanted to sit on the top and hold it all the way home! When the two of you get a chance, check out the latest post on my blog:
    There’s a shot out to you two!!!

  5. J.R. Holmes


    My name is J.R.. I am the owner of The Treasure Chest Thrift Store you visited this summer. I just wanted to thank you for talking about my store on your site. I remember when you bought that desk & fan. It was you and your twin sister…lol
    You website LOOKS great. Keep up the good work and thanks again for the plug.
    YOU WILL ALWAYS FIND A GREAT DEAL at The Treasure Chest Thrift Store!!! Come back Soon.

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