Where ART thou? (Gallery Wall and Striped Chair Sneak Peek)

Hello lovely people! How was your Thanksgiving week? Hope you all ate lots of food. If you had to cook, hopefully there were no mishaps.

As for as our Thanksgiving week it went well. We spent time with family members and scored great Black Friday deals on clothes. Of course, the buy one, get one free deals are our favorite. Yet, we didn’t have a chance to complete any DIY projects or visit any thrift stores because we were sick again. Shame on us, we feel like such slackers. Let the self-loathing begin.

On a serious note, we are diligently try to complete this gallery wall.  A 12 foot gallery wall to be more accurate. Can you imagine the headache of trying to find artwork and frames to cover a wall that long?  We might’ve purchased over 30 frames at this point and it’s still not enough. I’ll show you guys a sneak peek of what frames we’ve hung so far:

Gallery Wall in progress


We have to purchase some smaller frames for that  empty space, yet it seems to be coming together. I’m dreading buying artwork for all those frames and this picture shows only half of the wall…*pulls hair out now*

But here is some of the art that we found so far:

Creative Adult is the Child Who Survived


Isn’t that fancy? And I think it applies to most of us creative bloggers.

Aries Fashion Print


If you love Fashion and you’re an Aries, you’ll love this print. If not, I believe they have a print for every Zodiac sign. Society 6 is a fantastic site! I still haven’t finished looking at all the artwork.

Of course we must have a few pictures of Breeze. Kah actually took these pictures with her cell phone. Can you believe that??
Breeze Close up   Breeze Outside

Isn’t he so photogenic.

Now here is our dilemma we would like to put one of these two pictures of Breeze in the gallery, however these two photos are very similar. Could you guys help us decide? Check it out below:

Breeze Black and White   Breeze Black and White

Which one is cuter? Think hard about it.

Now onto the next sneak peek.

Kah posted last week about about a chair she purchased for her bedroom. The other day she started deconstructing.  Today she’ll probably start the sewing process, but here is what she has so far:

Reupholstering a chair in stripe fabric black white stripe fabric

I can’t wait until the chair is done. It’ll be gorgeous.

Ok let’s revisit what we will need from you guys…choose Breeze’s cutest picture. And if you guys know of anymore sites that we could purchase artwork from at a reasonable price of course let us know. Thanks in advance. Hugs for everyone!

Oh P.S. we were invited to do a giveaway. We will put that up soon.

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10 Responses to Where ART thou? (Gallery Wall and Striped Chair Sneak Peek)

  1. Katie @ Wildwood Creek

    Breeze is a very handsome kitty! I think I like the second photo the best.

    • Milla

      Thanks Katie!! You’re so reliable. Ok one vote for the second photo

  2. Jill

    Make your own artwork out of scrapbook paper, fabrics scraps, chicken wire with notes attached, frame a pretty object with the open frame, print out a simple monogram…I could go on and on and on 😉 Point is – don’t pay for it, you gals are so creative!

    Loving the chair so far, and my vote is for the first pic of Breeze – who’s going to be the tiebreaker?

    • Milla

      Aww thanks Jill. You’re encouraging us to be very ambitious. We plan to get creative with most of it. But with thirty frames and counting, I hope we don’t wear ourselves out trying to get too creative

  3. Andrea

    I like the pic of Breeze on the left. He has a curious look to his eye, like he just spotted something and getting ready to pounce!

    • Kahli

      Lol! It was either a squirrel or bird outside the very moment I took the pic :)

  4. Cheryl

    I like the first one the best.

  5. Jane F @ Atticmag

    Before you complete your wall you might enjoy seeing the one Allison and Mr. Shops did for their DD. It’s extensive! http://bit.ly/hjTIOU

    Allison’s a dynamo but it takes me forever to decide what I’m going to do on a wall. Then I change my mind 5 times. So just getting a start is monumental!

    • Kahli

      I just laid it out on the floor first taking note of width and height of the wall space. But as I’m hanging it. I’m just randomly trying frames. I think studying interior design has given me a good eye for visual measurements lol. I love that gallery wall though!

  6. Jane F @ Atticmag

    So we’ll wait to see the big “reveal”!

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