One Down…25 More to Go

Hello, lovely readers! We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed your time spent with loved ones. Milla and I weren’t really in the Christmas spirit when we woke up due to lingering sickness, but we somehow managed to cook a large dinner for the family. While it was a last minute decision, it did come out nice.

We didn’t have the chance to decorate for the holidays due to the lack of space to store the decorations afterwards. I couldn’t imagine where we’d put a Christmas tree, other than taking it to our parents’ attic. And our allergies dislike pine trees and Breeze loves to climb the trees and torture the ornaments. The only Christmas decoration we have is a white ceramic figurine that was given to Milla as a gift last year.

Speaking of Christmas gifts…we gave Breeze the best gift of all. A self-portrait on the gallery wall and it looks like he loves it! He was very impressed when we unrolled it and voiced his approval with a meow. Sadly, we still have to fill up about 25 frames.

Anyway, Milla and I have been debating the placement of our turquoise bookcase. Milla likes it behind the sofa. Please forgive this outdated picture! Just act like you don’t see the missing lampshade…

While, I like it here as part of the gallery wall. I think Breeze is on my team! We plan to fill the bookcase with white ceramics at some point.

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