Wall of Gold: Gallery Wall Progress

Hi lovelies! How’s everyone’s week so far? Mine? Well, I’ve been sick…again. Just hacking away all of my design inspiration. So it’s been bad a week for me. But at least one twin has been productive. Kah is making wonderful progress on her bedroom. And she finished hanging the frames for the gallery wall. See a few sneaks below:


Gallery Wall with Gold Frames

You can see some of the hallway here. I’m sure you all notice that hideously standard ceiling mount light. We can’t stand it. Must find an alternative soon.

Gallery Wall with Gold Frames

This picture shows a little more of the wall. More frames. What surprises me so much about this picture is how white our couch looks! I tell you, pictures can be deceiving. This slipcover is in need of some serious washing, but we just purchased a new one for $50 dollars instead. We plan to put it on the couch when all the decorating and craft projects are complete because Kah, and I’m about to put her on blast her, she spilled pink dye on the arm of couch (not pictured). Don’t ask me how. Moving on…

Gallery Wall with Gold Frames

This picture, I’m not sure why it’s here. It looks like the other one above, but Kah sent me  three pictures to include in the post. I was just told that apparently, she would have to stand outside to photograph the entire twelve foot wall. It was pretty nasty outside today so that was out of the question.

Now, we just have to fill all these frames with artwork…sigh.

In other news, we’ve clearly purchased so many frames that there were plenty left to give away to my brother. He visited yesterday and shopped at our house for furniture and decorative accessories as if we were the local goodwill. He left with a bedside lamp, side table, and several frames. Merry Christmas to him.

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5 Responses to Wall of Gold: Gallery Wall Progress

  1. Katie @ Wildwood Creek

    Funny how your brother shops at your home!

    • Milla

      I know! And he’s the older brother. Way to set an example lol

  2. Justine

    Lucky for your brother! I would love to shop your home 😉

    • Milla

      Ha! Thanks Justine

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