The Thrill of Goodwill: Vintage Fine China

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So this will be a quick post. I just wanted to show you all this new vintage china set that we scored at the Goodwill. Its is a 60 piece White and Gold china set made in Poland. And we paid a whopping $25.00 for the whole set. If we work out some math skills…that is an average of 41  cents per an item! The set includes, teapots, teacups, six different sizes of plates and bowls, and cute little salt and pepper shakers.

Anyway enough with the talking checkout the pictures…

Vintage White China with gold rim

Vintage White China with gold rim

Vintage White China with gold rim

Vintage White China with gold rim

What do you all think? Have you found some vintage goodies at insane prices? Please share in the comments.

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6 Responses to The Thrill of Goodwill: Vintage Fine China

  1. Rebecca

    What an amazing vintage tea set! Can’t believe the price! Love the gold edging! I have only purchased clothing that is vintage and once I got a feather cape for $19 and had it appraised for $200 so that was awesome! Love a great find!


    • Milla

      Wow a feather cap appraised for 200! Did you sell it?

  2. Maria

    I got a vintage Halston dress for $5, sold it for $400 on ebay after Rachel Zoe appeared in many photos wearing the same dress.
    Milla, please share the source for this great steal. Pretty please?

    • Milla

      Wow $400! Talk about making a profit! We brought the set from a Goodwill around the Dundalk, MD area. They were having a super sale on housewares. They have that periodically but I’m not sure if it is a national thing. Thanks for stopping by and sharing Maria!

  3. Kimberly Hughes

    Oh what a beautiful set! Wow, such a good price as well – I seriously need you both to take me shopping lol xxx

  4. Milla

    We will probably display the set only. Or use it for special occasions. I’m scared to mess it up. And hey I’m always down for a shopping trip.

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