Got Twins? (Recapping a Year and a Half of Abandonment )

Got Twins? (Year and a half of abandonment)

Oh where, Oh where have those lovely twins gone? Oh where, oh where could they be? *sings* Hello Lovelies!! We have so much to apologize for…starting with the song at the beginning of this post. My apologies I need a pick me up, rough day. Anyway, I’m so disgusted and Kah is too ashamed to show her face here so I volunteered to add the first post after a year and a half of abandonment. Lucky me. So here it comes. You will get a “heartfelt” explanation, sprinkled with some damn good excuses,  and finished off with pictorial deliciousness wrapped in a extra long post. Sound good? Great. September 2012 to Early 2013: We were decorating for family. That’s always fun. Then painting for family. That sucked. Our arms and fingers hurt too much to type up a post for you all, which is why we didn’t (Excuse #1) Next…thrifting and Craigslisting for family. Yay more vintage chairs to own while inching closer to hoarder status. What can I say we are chair obsessed. Mid 2013 to Summer 2013: We had outgrown our apartment to the point that we had to use my parents basement as a free garage. So the search for a house began. Found a house we liked but was outbid. Bummer. Found another one. It was a flipper and it flipping failed the inspection. We withdrew our offer before they could run away with our deposit that was twice the amount than usual around Baltimore. I guess that should have been a sign. Weeks passed. Started to get restless. Needed to find a house before our lease ended. Almost gave up. Oh the drama! But wait…during a spur of the moment house search we discovered a open house that was ending in 30 minutes. We walked up to discover that the owner lowered the price by 15k minutes before we walked in. Winning! It was a big house with great character, hardwood floors through out and renovation potential. But the kitchen and family room were just…awkwardly shaped, not functional…just ugly. Did I say it had renovation potential already?  Much needed renovations didn’t scare us away though. We had great ideas for this place so we put in a offer. It was accepted, yet the owner died before he could sign the paperwork. Oh no! RIP. So then started the hassle of transferring the estate to the owner’s son to sell the house. A lot of extra paperwork and then there was more. The house appraised for lower than expected. The offer needed to drop 10k in order for loan to be approve. Waiting for that was like trying to get a splinter out of your finger. But the son agreed! Yay! Purchased the house in June. But…. Summer 2013 to December 2013: We couldn’t move right into our new home because our lease hadn’t ended until September 2013. And they wouldn’t release us early from our lease. Soul crushers! We didn’t let it bring us down though. We ambitiously began renovations on the first floor bathroom, kitchen, and family room. Spent long nights, knocking down and building walls.  Had to rent two dumpsters just to get rid of all the debris. Curse you plaster! Then there were tile jobs (floor and wall)…don’t want to revisit those nightmares so moving on.  As all the renovations were going on my Boo Thang also a certified electrician rewired the entire house. Let me tell you there is no joy in working without air condition/heat, internet and TV. None at all. So our lease finally ended and we moved into the house. Had a few mice follow us in on the first night. My God thank goodness for Breeze.  RIP little guys.

Breeze is mouse-hunting

Breeze is mouse-hunting

Anyhoo, Living in a house during extensive renovation is hard. I felt like a squatter hehe. What made it worse is that we had to shower at my parents house since the main bathroom was being renovated. And we ordered a lot of expensive take out because the kitchen was also useless. Are you all still with me? If so continue on… Now in the  present day, the main bathroom is complete and the kitchen is functional except for touch-ups, flooring and back-splash. This whole process has been as long as this post and there were points where we regretted our own ambitions but it’s coming along. So if you scrolled down just to see the pictures…without further ado…

We will have another post to continue the Kitchen Renovation in more detail. Oh and in other news…me and the Boo Thang are engaged! So now onto to wedding planning. Yippy!

Wedding Bouquet via Wedding Chicks on Pinterest

Wedding Bouquet via Wedding Chicks on Pinterest

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Milla is the other half of the Design Par Deux duo. She enjoys finding design inspiration in all things creative. She has an unhealthy obsession with the color Turquoise.

13 Responses to Got Twins? (Recapping a Year and a Half of Abandonment )

  1. Kimberly Hughes

    WHOOP WHOOP! Welcome back lovelies!! I’ve missed you in the blogosphere but wow, what a whirlwind! How exciting you’ve got a big project on your hands and hope it doesn’t weigh you down too much to give us updates.

    Also, I’ve totally missed Breeze. Good kitty.


    • Milla

      Hi Kimberly!! Thanks for visiting. So sorry we abandoned you lol. We have so much going on but we are going to try to update as often as possible. And I’m sure Breeze misses posing for photographs for this blog too.

  2. MY

    Welcome back! I missed you both! In the meantime, I have “cleaned up” most of the nice fabrics at DeBois (that I first heard about with you)!

    • Milla

      Thanks for coming back! I just peeked at one of your post…awesome job on that blue and white dresser. Love that hardware. Aww DeBois I’m so sad that they won’t be restocking any fabrics. Unless you saw something new?

  3. MY

    ohhhh, when was the last time you went to Debois? I went there last October, and they had all fabrics for $1.99/yard! I just though they wanted to “refresh” the fabric stock! They are not carrying any longer fabric? Oh, no! My other fabric source is the Calico Corners Outlet in Lancaster. Is a trek going there, but at least you get amazing deals!

    • Milla

      We haven’t been to Debois in almost a year I think. When we last inquired with the employees about fabrics they said “what we see is what is left and we’re not getting anymore.” Apparently the suppliers would no longer send discontinued fabrics because someone was posting inside pictures on the internet every time they visited the store.

  4. Brandi

    Welcome back, ladies! So nice of you to stop by and say hi, Milla! I am in love with the updates you have made to your home. The kitchen and bath are gorgeous!

    • Kahli

      Thanks Brandi. Glad to be back. Love what you did to Caleb’s room over the year! Thanks for stopping over.

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    Welcome back, ladies! So nice of you to stop by and say hi, Milla! I am in love with the updates you have made to your home. The kitchen and bath are gorgeous!

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    Thanks Brandi. Glad to be back. Love what you did to Caleb’s room over the year! Thanks for stopping over.

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