Double Take: Gray French Provincial Dresser Before & After

A few days ago we gave a sneak peek of a dresser we had been working on for a girl’s bedroom. The dresser wasn’t in the best condition and required some work to get it in tip-top shape. Here is a before picture:

Gray Painted Dresser Before

It had beautiful hardware and nice curves, but the laminate surface was peeling on the legs. The amount of work increased when we decided to remove the decorative seashell molding.

Gray Painted Dresser Before

I thought the removal would be easy, but see the amount of holes and dents it left behind? Not cool! Thankfully, some wood filler could fix the damage to the surface. I used Elmer’s Wood Filler.

Gray Painted Dresser Wood filler

I allowed the wood filler to dry overnight because a few of the holes and cracks were very deep. The next morning I moved the dresser outside for some sanding.


Gray Painted Dresser Before

The last dresser drawer is the one that had most of the damage. This whole furniture preparation was beginning to become a headache and I was ready to start painting! I wiped the dresser down one more time and applied two coats of Zinnser’s Cover Stain Oil Based Primer.

Gray Painted Dresser Primed

I allowed the primer to dry overnight and moved the dresser back outside the next morning (by myself of course as Breeze just looked on). Good help is so hard to find these days.

White Dresser

Once outside, I smoothed down any imperfections with my palm sander before applying the first coat of paint. I used Rustoleum Winter Gray in Gloss. After applying two thin even coats with drying time in between, I ended up with this beauty. I painted the hardware in Gloss White also by Rustoleum.

Gray Painted Dresser
Gray Painted Dresser
Gray Painted Dresser

Since this dresser was going to reside in a girl’s room, we thought adding some scrapbook paper to the inside drawer would be the perfect touch.

Gray Painted Dresser Scrapbook Paper Inside

Here’s a closeup of the hot pink houndstooth scrapbook paper purchased at Michael’s for $.59 a sheet.

Gray Painted Dresser Scrapbook Paper Inside

Even after lining the drawers with scrapbook paper, I still kind of feel like the dresser needs something else. I created these fake lines on Photoshop to see if I would like it before actually committing to the change to eliminate the possibility of hating it. And I think I love it!

Gray Painted Dresser

What do you think? Should we go ahead with the lines?

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35 Responses to Double Take: Gray French Provincial Dresser Before & After

  1. Deborah

    Nice contrast between the colour of the dresser and the hardware!

    Deborah [visiting happily from}

    Hope you can visit too!

    • Kahli

      Thanks Deborah for visiting!

  2. Vanessa

    That is so gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing this with us last weekend at Inspiration Friday! :-)

    • Kahli

      Thanks Vanessa for having us :).

  3. Renee @ CreatingCottage

    Wonderful job! It seems so unexpected, yet so effective. I would add furniture appliques but that’s just me – I’m addicted! I will definitely be back for more:)

    • Kahli

      Hey Renee thanks for visiting! Furniture appliques may not be a bad idea and will be a hell of a lot easier. I’m going to look into that. And if we decide to go that route you will get all due credit! So do you think we should go with the lines and furniture appliques or one over the other?

      • Renee @ CreatingCottage

        I like the lines – what a pop! But a few appliques, maybe even glued on shells painted over to go with the already there ‘shell’ at the bottom would be very cute. One more – oh let’s just throw it out there, thing. What if you painted the front of the drawers that are inside the lines a lighter or darker version of the color it is now??? Just a thought? But whatever you choose I know it will look terrific!

        • Alla

          for me, rodger, this is proof positive that “they” do understand modern monetary mechanics, but that they have a &#&it0;pol22ical8#8221; agenda, which would be to impoverish the public anyway–i guess to maintain that “gap” that you often refer to.

  4. Meredith Resnick

    This is a beautiful transformation.

    ~ Meredith From A Mother Seeking

    A Mother Seeking…

    This week, “When Life Hands You Lemons…”

    • Milla

      Aww Meredith. Thanks as always for the comments and the visits.

    • Nyvaeh

      I could watch Sc’ednlirhs List and still be happy after reading this.

  5. Kim

    That looks great and I do like the idea of the added white lines. Thanks for sharing at Wow.

    • Milla

      Thanks Kim! So yay for the stripes. Just wish we didn’t have to tape it off to create the lines. Lol Lazy I know.

  6. Melva

    Love the dresser – stunning. The lines give it that extra Oomf. I reckon go with it

    • Milla

      Hi Melva. Thanks for visiting. So go with the lines. Is there a quick way to do this without paint and painter’s tape?

      • Helene

        It’s like you’re on a misiosn to save me time and money!

  7. Heather

    I love the lines. Go for it!

    • Kahli

      That’s 3 votes…thanks Heather!

  8. cassie

    it looks amazing! not even at all like the same piece- so much more sophisticated and so so pretty!

    • Kahli

      Thanks Cassie! Do you think we should add the lines?

  9. Sally

    Love the gray with the white. It is so striking!

    • Kahli

      Thanks Sally! How do you feel about adding the lines?

  10. Candace Creations

    Total LOVE! What a great redo!

    It was great to see you at Scrappy Saturdays, don’t forget to come back this weekend!

  11. Phyllis

    Lovely make-over! And thanks for showing how you can paint the old hardware on a dresser and create a fresh new look. I hope to do that on my project.

    • Kahli

      Hello Phyllis! Thanks for visiting. Do you have a website? I’d love to see how your project turns out.

  12. Rebekah

    Oh, I think it looks lovely!
    I have an old dresser that I desperately need to re-finish. I hope it turns out half as nice as this one.
    Love the lines!

    • Kahli

      Thanks for visiting Rebekah! I’d like to see how it turns out!

  13. sibylle

    oh wow! love the dresser! such a nice contrast, the white hardware!!! great job:-)

    • Milla

      Thanks. I’m glad we painted the hardware white too

  14. Nikki

    I LOVE how this turned out! The color is PERFECT! I would love it if you would share this and/or any other projects you have been up to at Tuesday Talent Show at Chef In Training! Thanks so much and I hope to see you there!

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  17. Victoria

    i’m working on my french provincial night stand and tall dresser. My mom had the whole set since she was 8, but’ i’m selling the matching dresser, mirror, and bookshelf taking up space too big for my room! someone will give it a good home. I’m so glad i found your blog, i love it! :)
    Oh and yes i love the lines !

    • Kahli

      Did you decided on the color you wanted to paint your nightstand and dresser?

  18. parfüm

    it looks amazing! not even at all like the same piece- so much more sophisticated and so so pretty!

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