Introducing Breeze…The Furniture Inspector (A Thrifty Guide)

For us Do-it-yourselfers, there are several must-dos when buying furniture pieces and accessories from a thrift store or your local Goodwill. The most important rule…inspect everything. If it looks really shady, inspect it twice. Get inappropriate with it. Open those drawers! If you remain satisfied and giddy with your new-found treasure, purchase it and take it home.

So now that you’ve squeezed your new dresser or other large furniture piece into your already cramped living space, with all your other incomplete DIY projects, what do you do with it? You guessed it, inspect it again. Yet, we prefer to let an inspector, not of the human variety, do all the gritty work. Here we introduce Breeze…The Furniture Inspector.

Breeze....The True Professional

Breeze….The True Professional

He is very professional and fashionable as you can see from his attire. And he will give you quality work for a bowl of Friskies, tuna flavored of course. He has several useful tools at his disposal, including his sandpaper-like tongue, which he uses to test the quality of the wood. Breeze is not above climbing into every drawer to massacre furniture rodents and vermin. He will also assist in furniture destruction. Need help removing those stubborn staples, Breeze is your guy. See his game face below:

“Let’s tackle this big guy first”

"They call me Breeze aka Rambo...Beware"

“They call me Breeze aka Rambo…Beware”

“I don’t need a staple puller”

And when your DIY project is complete weeks later, Breeze will show great appreciation for all your hard work. So remember on your next thrift-hunting trip….he’s ready.

upholstered armchair thomas paul fabric with cat

“My hardwork is complete”

Breeze on the prowl, preparing for his next job


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  1. Katie @ Wildwood Creek

    Breeze is such a good little helper!

    • Milla

      Yes he is! He loves anything involving Arts, Crafts, and tools. He is a true DIY cat. My sister told me you have a cat as well.

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