Missing in Action: The Good Excuses Post

Where in the world have the twins been all week? You may have noticed that we haven’t updated in a while! Yikes. I’m here to tell you that we haven’t just been sitting on our butts (well not for the entire week anyway).

This is what we have been doing:

Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, oh and buying. The two of us spent the entire weekend helping a relative clean her bedroom. That may seem like an easy task for most people, but we’re talking about 10+ years worth of crap. Our cousin is 29 going on 30 (or 25 as she likes to believe) and she is what we like to call a hoarder.  Not the compulsive or disgusting type, but the type who keeps things with the intention of “using” or “needing” it in the future. Needless, to say it was very liberating to at least get her to fill up 3 trash bags, “winning”!

Speaking of winning, we’ve been hitting the jackpot on furniture purchases lately. I’m only going to share one item because I didn’t get to take pics of the others. We purchased a buffet for our neglected dining room from craigslist.  This is the first purchase for the dining room in some time, because our dining room served a better purpose for thrifty finds than actual dining. Remember, that tidbit earlier about cleaning, well our dining room got some much-needed attention.

Five random pillows, six random lamps, and ten pictures frames later, we now have space for the new buffet.

dining room buffet

Isn’t it lovely? I love the style of this buffet and it only cost $55 plus for $35 delivery. It really does suck that I could have saved $35 if we had a bigger car, but I would have most likely spent near that amount on gas for the 25-30 minute trip each way. And me and Milla didn’t have to activate our twin power to haul it in ourselves.

dining room buffet

Oh I scored those gorgeous lamp bases for $5 a piece at our local goodwill. Hmm, the lampshade on the left is crooked, bummer. Milla hates the mirror propped up against the wall, so we’ll be switching that out for artwork. I think a bold rug is needed! So you know what I’m going to ask now….should we paint it or keep it as is? We’re leaning towards painting it because the dining room is open into the living room, which is primarily gray, turquoise/teal, white and yellow.

dining room buffet

I can’t wait to hang some drapes up! Ugh! I despise that ugly ceiling fan, was a white ceiling fan not available? I cropped most of it out the picture as to save you all from having to see it. I think apartment complexes try their best to make apartments look dated…they did not fail at all here. Oops left the laundry basket in the pic…

We also found a great vintage desk for Milla’s room, stay tuned.

Today is Friday!

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8 Responses to Missing in Action: The Good Excuses Post

  1. cassie

    ooh i love it! it looks so perfect in that space!

    • Kahli

      Thanks Cassie! It looks a lot better than what was previously right there. Do you think we should paint it?

  2. Yanelle

    I LOVE THIS PIECE. I had my eye on something very similar from Z Gallerie a few years back. Yes, I think you should paint it. When it comes to the fan, order new blades in the color you want OR keep an eye out for old fans, take off the blades/paint and replace your current ones. The gold shades can be changed too for less than 10 bucks. Keep all the originals in the back of the closet to reinstall before you move. BRAVO on your find.

    • Kahli

      Yanelle that is the greatest idea Ive ever heard haha and you thought of it first! So what color should we paint it if we decide to.

      • Yanelle

        I see it being a deep/rich color. I swear its practically begging to be Aubergine (eggplant) especially with the subtle color you have on the walls and everything else from the chevron pillows to the beautiful/sexy bold print on that “cute” chair. Most things would flat out sing/pop with a richly painted piece like that in the home. I can’t wait to see what you do. I’m excited just thinking about it.

  3. Redlilocks {Swoon Worthy}

    Fantastic piece and works in that space perfectly! xxx

  4. samaa @ Honey Sweet Home

    I love this! I need to get you to do some Craig’s list stalking for me, you always find the best stuff! The natural colour is really nice, but it’ll also look soo good painted! I can’t decide! Sorry that was no help :)

    • Kahli

      Lol no help at all! Haha, we’re very indecisive. If I’m being lazy I won’t paint it, but I also love bold colors. And our dining room is very neutral at the moment and could use some color. I don’t know how I find the best stuff on craigslist! It’s amazing.

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