Moodboard Mondays: Kahli’s Bedroom

Today I’m sharing with you a moodboard I created for my current bedroom. Like I’ve mentioned before, my bedroom is small, which means I have to be smart with the colors and furniture pieces I select. While I have to be cautious, that doesn’t mean I can’t incorporate something bold! And there’s no better way to go bold than painting my dresser teal.  My design style is feminine glam- a clear indication that I am single… but, I’m all for balancing out all the feminine elements with a touch of masculinity. Check out the moodboard below.

Bedroom moodboard

1. Teal Dresser 2. Gray Striped Roman Shade 3. Gray Chevron Pillow 4. Round Gold Mirror 5. White Night Stand 6. White Lampbase 7. Stylish Books 8. Gray Armchair 9. Pink Ruffled Pillow 10. Teal Floral Pillow
Of course, I plan to DIY  most of the things on my moodboard to cut down on costs, especially the upholstered chair, roman shade and the ruffled pillow. I’ve already acquired a chair with a similar shape, gold mirror, two nightstands and two lamp bases on my thrifting trips.It may take me awhile to pickup the techniques involved, but my obsessions to learn anything creative will guide me through. My projected budget is $350 (including all furnishings accessories). I’ll keep you posted on my progress or if I decided to make some changes.

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