Moodboard Monday: Four Days Sooner…Milla’s bedroom

As the title suggests, this should be a Moodboard Monday post, however I was anxious to finish this mood board for my bedroom. So just pretend that today is Monday and not Thursday night.

Back to my bedroom…it’s been a challenge to complete my room as well as this mood board. See, I’m really picky about the accessories that will be a main focus in my room. Right now, I have all white bedding, with white lamps, a white dresser and white nightstands. The large mirror above my bed is also white. I love the brightness of a mostly white color scheme, but I need some sexy colors in here! Let’s start with my favorite color…the lovely and always reliable Turquoise.  I absolutely had to have this color in my room, no exceptions. So just a few weeks ago, Kah and I reupholstered this chair. Then I plan to add more bold and bright colors,like pink and yellows. What color is brighter than yellow? None, which is why it’s the color of the sun. Wow super corny and lame I know, just check out my mood board below.


Bedroom Moodboard


1. Josephine Baker Poster 2. Turquoise Cane Armchair 3. White Ornate Mirror 4. Navy Pleated Pillow 5. Yellow Vintage Birds Pillow 6. Chevron Pillow 7. White Lamp 8. White Nightstand 9. White Vintage Dresser 10. Navy and White Roman Shade (previously sold at Pottery Barn)

I actually own a replica of most of the items on my mood board, purchased during various thrifting trips. The others I will most likely recreate for a future diy project.

So it looks like my room is almost complete. With a budget of $350, 60% of it already used, I should be able to splurge a little on art (love Josephine Baker) and pillows.  What do you guys think about adding navy in the color scheme? Does it work here?


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