Get a little Green with your Navy and Pink

Today, we bring you a color inspiration mood board inspired by a pair of underwear. Not a pillow or a t-shirt…underwear. We spotted them during a shopping trip and though we didn’t purchase the underwear, we were really inspired by the color scheme.

So now you don’t have to rely just on magazines and Pinterest for decor inspiration because fashionable panties are at your disposal. As Kah says, they’re not just for covering your cheeks.

Anyway, the color inspiration here is navy, pink, and green. Now, we’ve seen plenty of navy and pink rooms. And few navy and green rooms. Yet, I searched for hours for navy, pink, and green and didn’t find anything. So we decided to throw a mood board together to see how it looks…we love it. Love the jewel tones. Might have to change my room around. Geez, I’m so indecisive. Check out the moodboard:

Navy, Pink, and Green Color Inspiration

1. Emerald Green Cabinet  2. Navy Chair with White Frame  3. DIY Charcoal Rug  4. Navy and White Drapes  5. Ruthie Sommers Interior: Pink Sofa (via google)

6. Gray Tailored Sofa 7. Punch Pink High Back Chair 8. Emerald Green Pillow 9. Hot Pink Pillow 10. Navy Ikat Pillow 11. Chevron Wool Rug

12. Ceramic Owl 13. Gold Ornate Mirror

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