A Not So New, New Year’s Resolution: I Painted Something!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a safe and prosperous start to the year. I know I did! One of my priorities for the end of 2011 and start of 2012 was to create some art for our gallery wall. I’ve been attempting to step up my creative arts talent for a few years now so… between December 30th and 31st, I committed myself to painting a portrait. I’m not really an artist, but with the help of Photoshop and patience, I can say that I completed a portrait for the new year. I chose to paint this fashion editorial featuring the lovely Amanda Seyfried.

Quite an ambitious photo to choose right? I don’t know why whenever I attempt something for the first time I choose an item with the most difficulty.  Anyway, this is how my painting came out. I forgot to scan it. So I took the pic on my cell phone and fixed the colors in photoshop.

amanda seyfried painting

It’s not perfect, but for my first time. I’d say I’m shocked that it even looks this good! I can’t really draw people too well, but I can trace with the best of them.

With the assistance of photoshop, I turned the original picture into a line drawing and printed it out. Trust me if I had drawn it myself it would not look as good. I’ve framed it in a large 16×20 frame. The gallery wall is slowly coming together. If we create one piece of art a day it’ll be complete by the end of this month!

The process wasn’t too difficult with mixing black and white to create different shades of gray. Unfortunately, the most difficulty I encountered is when Breeze stepped in the tray full of black paint! It was quite an entertaining sight, watching us trying to catch him before he ruined the house with black paint. It was definitely a challenge trying to clean all the black paint off his paws. He didn’t enjoy the bath one bit!

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7 Responses to A Not So New, New Year’s Resolution: I Painted Something!

  1. Katie @ Wildwood Creek

    This is gorgeous! Several years ago one of my cats stepped into my paint tray and shook his paw. As you can imagine, there little specks of paint everywhere.

    • Kahli

      Aww. He actually did get black paint on the rug because I tried to grab his foot to keep him from running, but surprisingly it came out with water! He was trying to be curious and it caught up to him

  2. Jill @ Junky Vagabond

    Wow! That’s an awesome portrait! I’ll have to try your technique :)

    • Kahli

      I’ll go into more detail about what I actually did on photoshop. Thanks Jill!

  3. Christine

    I LOVE IT!!!! It turned out super well!

  4. Tyrell Smith

    Hey ladys! This is my first time on a blog, I really enjoyed reading about your experience. You did a very good job for your first time paint, keep practicing if it looks this good on your first try you can only get better, I would love to see this same portrait painted again in a few months, it would probably look even better with the practice.
    The part about Breeze was cute, I could see the mess everywhere and you running around trying to catch him lol. Good luck with your future ideas.


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