A Week with The DIY Obsessed and Food Deprived Twins

So I just realized today is Wednesday. I don’t remember much of Tuesday, except that Kah and I had one meal for the day and that was two Smuckers Uncrustables.

Question of the day:

Why do us crafty DIY folks starve in order to slave over a project?

Perfect example, Kah and I were on vacation from our respective jobs last week and made the most of each day, including painting a dresser, thrifting, painting a large living room and salon suite, and of course starting this blog.  Yay! Here comes the big double but(t)…But I could probably count on one hand the number of times we stopped to eat.

  • Monday: Lazy Monday. We sat in our beds all day until 5:00pm eating a box of Rice Chex without milk.
  • Tuesday: Searched numerous blogs for twinspiration. Much more productive here. We painted Kah’s teal dresser and a pair of night stands for my room (I’ll feature those in an upcoming post). It started raining….productivity cut short. (Can’t even remember what I had to eat here, it most likely wasn’t substantial)
  • Wednesday: Spent time with the godchildren, took them on a thrifty adventure. They really enjoyed it. We stopped at McDonald’s, ate a “healthy” chicken sandwich. Oh and Breeze had a trip  to the vet for his yearly rabies shot. He acted like a complete fool. Seriously, we heard him meow angrily from the waiting room. Maybe because he found out that he had gained two pounds. If he was doing this, he would be a few pounds lighter.
yoga kitty

Yoga Kitty via pinterest

  • Thursday: Our carpets  were professionally cleaned. The apartment currently looks like this:
Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
  • Friday: We’re on painting duty. Painted a large living room, which is in need of some serious DIY loving. Here it is in it’s current state:
stained glass living room
living room before

We’re thinking of turning those built-in stained glass whatever those are into some nice built-in display shelves. (Ate a delicious meal from Panda Express and my aunt made sure we were hydrated)

  • Saturday: Painting again at a salon suite. By this time our bodies are worn down. Who needs to go to the gym when you can work out with a paint roller? Our consolation prize for such a hectic week…had a foot-long sub, got our hair styled and had a couple of  drinks later on that night. Cheers!
  • Sunday: Slept most of the day away. Got up at 4:00pm to spray paint some lamp bases and go thrift-hunting. We scored this headboard for our next design project: Another Girl’s room. Can’t wait to cover this in a new fabric.

Pink Upholstered Headboard-Before
Some vacation we had, huh? I could’ve went to work for that kind of hard labor. We did learn a valuable lesson though…we’re extremely productive on an empty stomach.

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4 Responses to A Week with The DIY Obsessed and Food Deprived Twins

  1. Katie @ Wildwood Creek

    Love that yoga kitty!

    • Kahli

      Isn’t it great! I wish Breeze was that limber!

  2. sherry deal

    Enjoyed browsing & reading your site. I had to laugh about you being food deprived. I experienced the same thing when I was renovating my kitchen – raisin bran for breakfast 11 hours later had celery sticks with ranch dressing – too tired to fix anything else. Keep up the good work & humor!

    • Kahli

      Thanks for visiting Sherry! Glad you enjoyed the site. I don’t know why it seems like completing the project takes precedence over eating most times haha. I’m off to visit your site :)

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