Obsession: Vintage Blue Mason Jars

As the title states, I love mason jars, especially the blue Ball Perfect Mason brand. I’ve been looking at mason jar decor lately on Pinterest after purchasing three jars from the thrift store. This is one of my favorite photos. The pink peonies are just so vibrant against the blue tinted jars.


So needless to say my mason jar collection has expanded from three jars to 9. I’ve decided to display 8 jars on my window ledge. Would it be overwhelming to put flowers in each jar in my window?

I’m thinking something like this. It would give a nice romantic feel to my bedroom, which is changing every week! You all will be surprised when I settle on the final look. The only thing that remains is my teal dresser.


How great are these pictures? I’m really loving our new camera. Our previous camera doesn’t even compare!

I purchased three mason jars from a thrift store two quart sized and one half-gallon that I plan to convert into a soap dispenser at some point. The other six were purchased on ebay for $10.50. There’s a huge lot of mason jars on ebay and etsy so if you’re in the market I would start there

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8 Responses to Obsession: Vintage Blue Mason Jars

  1. Christine @ Park House Love

    I love love LOVE blue mason jars. I’m working on giving our bathroom a facelift and will be making a soap dispenser out of one for it.

    Also, great photos!

    • Kahli

      I need to find an easy tutorial for making a soap dispenser. We live in an apartment so whatever we can to make it look better we will try! Thanks!

  2. BeezRentalDesigns

    I don’t think the flowers will be too much if you stick to one color and type; like all peonies or all roses. You are so right, your new camera is taking awesome pictures. I so need a new one. But first I have to get my new sewing machine, which has to wait until after I come back from vacation and seeing the birth of my new grand-daughter!!!
    So looking forward to an update on your room makeover, especially those beds!

    • Kahli

      A grandbaby yay! So excited for you. Glad I have your blessings for flowers!

  3. Jill @ Junky Vagabond

    I love these too and have a few from my last estate sale hunt – they’re so pretty! Having flowers in them all would be quite a statement; if it makes you happy, then do it!

  4. julia

    I bought a box load of lids for mason jars. Let me know if you want any.

    • Kahli

      Thanks Julia when I bought them online they actually came with lids! Yay!

  5. julia

    I should say they are antique: zinc w/porclain inserts. Very cool.

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