Revisiting The Old Living Room vs. The New Family Room

Hello, Kah here! It’s been a long year and a half! Glad to be back. You may have noticed that we started blogging again.Correction, Milla started blogging again. This is my first post for 2014. I refused to blog until Milla made several posts, since she was so far behind me in blog post count lol.

Those of you that have been following the blog lately, know that we have a new home. Correction again, Milla and her fiance have a new home. Breeze and I just live with them or maybe I just live with them and Breeze, I’m not sure if he has permanent residency lol. As of now Breeze is happy in his own bedroom, full of clutter. Yes, our cat has his own room…let’s move things along, shall we?

In our new home we have a family room and a smaller living room, that we will use as a sitting room/foyer. The family room is large in size 26×14, which means we have a lot of space to cover. A lot more than our last living room. For our new visitors, our previous living room at our apartment used to look like this:

Living Room Living Room
Living Room Re-do Living Room Re-do with Gallery Wall

I found some extra pictures on the camera that I forgot to edit and include in the living room reveal. So here they are. Note: Images will pin in original (larger) size.

turquoise yellow white and gray living room + thomas paul floral chair + gray & white chevron rug + yellow chevron pillow turquoise yellow white and gray living room + thomas paul floral chair + gray & white chevron rug + yellow chevron pillow



I really did love this living room. We were renting so we tried hard to make the space personal. We lived in this apartment for 4  years and we didn’t actually start decorating it until the last two years of our lease. I’d like to think having a blog pushed us to get off our butts and decorate.

Okay now you’ve seen our old living room. Now here are pics of the family room in the new house.  Before you look, I must warn you that there are some hideous things in this picture that could affect you for the rest of your life lol.

family room before

Bad: Look at that nasty popcorn ceiling. I like popcorn just not on the ceiling. Air condition unit in the wall. Ugly carpet. What’s with that fake wood trim? Good: Lots of height with the slanted ceiling. You may notice that I only listed one good thing so far…on to the next pic.

family room beforeBad: Popcorn ceiling on one section of the wall framed by more fake wood trim. In fact this whole area is a hot mess. I’m not understanding the point of the arched fan window or the tile surrounding the fireplace. Good: Large screen door to let in natural light. We have plans to shrink the width of the door in the future.
family room before

Lastly, this is what the family room looked like in the listing and when we moved in, minus the furniture. I hate that paneling and it’s not even the good stuff.  So far we’ve pulled up all the carpet, ripped down the paneling, closed up the windows ( other window not pictured) relocated the door to the far right corner, with plans to build a new stairs. We also tore down the popcorn ceiling to discover some nice wood framing.

This post is getting very long-winded so we’ll share more details in a future post. Toodles.

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5 Responses to Revisiting The Old Living Room vs. The New Family Room

  1. Kimberly Hughes

    Welcome back Kahli!! 😉 The place has so much potential and it sounds like you are two VERY busy ladies at the moment!! Can’t wait to see how much life and love you put into it :)


    • Milla

      Hey there Kimberly! Thanks for stopping as always. I love your comments. I can’t wait to start this room either.

  2. Cara@theprojectaddict

    I love the colors and your gallery wall. So fun. You are lucky to be able to blog with your twin. I would love to have a sister to share so much with!

    • Milla

      Aww Cara we are lucky. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Tiffany

    I love your blog!!! Can you tell me the name of the fabric on the stuffed yellow turquoise and gray armchair in your living room, or where the chair can be purchased? I love love love it!!!!

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