A Very Detailed Kitchen Renovation Progress Report

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Shopping for Home Decor: Finding That Statement Piece

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Ikat! And other Tribal Prints: Fabric Inspiration

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Revisiting The Old Living Room vs. The New Family Room

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Double Take: Vanity Desk Before and After

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Hi all! Milla here again. Surprise? I know I am, but I thought I should keep posting while the inspiration is there. Blogging and DIY is hard in the winter when it’s cold and you’re heat periodically stops working and you have to sleep in full winter outerwear. Yet, that’s another story for another post.

A couple days ago I posted about a vanity desk I purchased for under $100. Here is the beauty again:

1930's Vanity Desk

Look at that sexy shape! But of course it has since received a new colorful treatment.

On Saturday we went Lowe’s to color match the blue in these pillows from my bedroom.

Pillows Made from Shower Curtain

Blue is such an iffy color with hidden undertones that I wanted it to be a close as possible.   And this blue has a hint of purple in it too, which is hard to match with a swatch.

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You’re So Vain: New Vanity Desk

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Hi all, Milla here! How are you guys? Me? I’m just glad the weekend is here.

So lately it seems that I have a knack for showing up here  at the end of week to do a post. I’ve been at my parents house every Friday for a while so maybe it’s inspiring me. However, we are not talking about their decor because that needs major work. Maybe it’s the brand new computer. The screen is huge! Anyhoo, the point of this post is to continue showcasing our thrifty purchases from this week.

Over the weekend, Kah and I decided that I needed a desk for my bedroom, because you know we’re impulsive like that, so on the hunt for a desk we went. And  it actually didn’t take us long to find what I had mind. I was looking for a vanity type desk, but not a traditional vanity with the mirror attached. Remember in my last post I discussed moving that huge mirror from behind my bed? Well, my plan was to purchase a desk where I could prop the mirror against the wall on top of the desk. Below, is how it currently looks in my bedroom:

1930's Vanity Desk

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Missing in Action: The Good Excuses Post

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Where in the world have the twins been all week? You may have noticed that we haven’t updated in a while! Yikes. I’m here to tell you that we haven’t just been sitting on our butts (well not for the entire week anyway).

This is what we have been doing:

Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, oh and buying. The two of us spent the entire weekend helping a relative clean her bedroom. That may seem like an easy task for most people, but we’re talking about 10+ years worth of crap. Our cousin is 29 going on 30 (or 25 as she likes to believe) and she is what we like to call a hoarder.  Not the compulsive or disgusting type, but the type who keeps things with the intention of “using” or “needing” it in the future. Needless, to say it was very liberating to at least get her to fill up 3 trash bags, “winning”!

Speaking of winning, we’ve been hitting the jackpot on furniture purchases lately. I’m only going to share one item because I didn’t get to take pics of the others. We purchased a buffet for our neglected dining room from craigslist.  This is the first purchase for the dining room in some time, because our dining room served a better purpose for thrifty finds than actual dining. Remember, that tidbit earlier about cleaning, well our dining room got some much-needed attention.

Five random pillows, six random lamps, and ten pictures frames later, we now have space for the new buffet.

dining room buffet

Isn’t it lovely? I love the style of this buffet and it only cost $55 plus for $35 delivery. It really does suck that I could have saved $35 if we had a bigger car, but I would have most likely spent near that amount on gas for the 25-30 minute trip each way. And me and Milla didn’t have to activate our twin power to haul it in ourselves. Read more

Sibling Competitiveness: Artistic Style

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Despite the title, I’m not competing with Kah to create art for our gallery. In truth, I just needed a catchy title. And it works because Kah already created a painting and last night I decided to try my hand at something. It wasn’t as elaborate as the technique Kah used, but it was a little more personal to me, well us. I tried some typography art with some watercolors. It’s our birth year.

1987 Typography Art by Design Par Deux

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Sleeping in the Shower with Pillows

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Hello lovelies! Milla here! Where have I been right? Obviously not in the mood for decorating or blogging as I just got over a hazardous cold and whatever productive  energy I had left, Kah sucked it all up. I guess that’s how we as twins keep things balanced *shrugs*.

Anyhoo, the title of this post may seem a little misleading so allow me to clear up the confusion. First off, don’t be alarmed. We are not sleeping in the shower. Kah purchased this shower curtain from Urban Outfitters as a Christmas gift for me intending to make pillows for my bedroom. Thanks Kah, love you!!!

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A Not So New, New Year’s Resolution: I Painted Something!

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Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a safe and prosperous start to the year. I know I did! One of my priorities for the end of 2011 and start of 2012 was to create some art for our gallery wall. I’ve been attempting to step up my creative arts talent for a few years now so… between December 30th and 31st, I committed myself to painting a portrait. I’m not really an artist, but with the help of Photoshop and patience, I can say that I completed a portrait for the new year. I chose to paint this fashion editorial featuring the lovely Amanda Seyfried.

Quite an ambitious photo to choose right? I don’t know why whenever I attempt something for the first time I choose an item with the most difficulty.  Anyway, this is how my painting came out. Read more

Confessions of a Chair Addict(s)

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Remember that debate between my sister and I concerning the placement of the bookcase? Well it’s still currently part of the gallery wall as I insisted. Yay! However, that left the corner behind the sofa very sad and lonely. Just look at that stupid thermostat!

turquoise white gray yellow living room

Breeze has really been enjoying his portrait, he takes a stroll across the mantel, admiring himself on a daily basis.

Anyway…I thought of possible decor items to fill the space; a large wall mirror, more gallery frames, a chair…a chair? You may be thinking how many chairs does one need in their home. And my answer is, as many as your home allows. You can never have enough chairs and I found the perfect one to bring our living room seating total to a comfortable eight. Read more

Design Shuffle-Guest Post: 8 Living Room Lamps

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Today’s post is brought to you by Design Shuffle.

Hi, I’m Joanna, a guest blogger for Design Shuffle, a premier online portfolio and home design site for interior designers. I blog daily about beautiful rooms for sites such as Design Par Deux. Thanks for letting me share my take on living room lamps today! Great lamps not only give light, they can balance a room’s design elements such as size, color and shape. From stately floor lamps to whimsical table lamps, the following lights will surely inspire quite a few decorating ideas. Which is your favorite?

Living Room Lamps

An eclectic mix of modern and traditional in this living room provides the perfect setting for a tall brass floor lamp. The lamp adds height to the left side of the room which is balanced with the three ceiling lamps. Read more

One Down…25 More to Go

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Hello, lovely readers! We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed your time spent with loved ones. Milla and I weren’t really in the Christmas spirit when we woke up due to lingering sickness, but we somehow managed to cook a large dinner for the family. While it was a last minute decision, it did come out nice.

We didn’t have the chance to decorate for the holidays due to the lack of space to store the decorations afterwards. I couldn’t imagine where we’d put a Christmas tree, other than taking it to our parents’ attic. And our allergies dislike pine trees and Breeze loves to climb the trees and torture the ornaments. The only Christmas decoration we have is a white ceramic figurine that was given to Milla as a gift last year.

Speaking of Christmas gifts…we gave Breeze the best gift of all. A self-portrait on the gallery wall and it looks like he loves it! He was very impressed when we unrolled it and voiced his approval with a meow. Sadly, we still have to fill up about 25 frames.

Anyway, Milla and I have been debating the placement of our turquoise bookcase. Milla likes it behind the sofa. Please forgive this outdated picture! Just act like you don’t see the missing lampshade…

While, I like it here as part of the gallery wall. I think Breeze is on my team! We plan to fill the bookcase with white ceramics at some point.

Wall of Gold: Gallery Wall Progress

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Hi lovelies! How’s everyone’s week so far? Mine? Well, I’ve been sick…again. Just hacking away all of my design inspiration. So it’s been bad a week for me. But at least one twin has been productive. Kah is making wonderful progress on her bedroom. And she finished hanging the frames for the gallery wall. See a few sneaks below:


Gallery Wall with Gold Frames

You can see some of the hallway here. I’m sure you all notice that hideously standard ceiling mount light. We can’t stand it. Must find an alternative soon.

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