The 25th Birthday Party is Over!

The party is finally over and we can have our lives back! The 25th birthday party took place last Saturday and we have spent this week recuperating! I have been sleeping like a baby. Saturday was very stressful, we felt like we wouldn’t get everything done. And Milla may or may not have had a breakdown 3 hours before the party, I tried to hold it together for the both of us, but imagine how hard it is to keep from crying when a person with your face is crying! However, I would like to mention that even though the party didn’t go as planned in some areas, we still enjoyed ourselves and are proud of our first attempt at planning a major party. I wish we were able to take more pictures, but I think we were too busy enjoying ourselves and the lighting wasn’t the best in some places. I’ll shut up now and share a few pictures:

A lot of the items pictured were thrifted at various second hand stores. The cookies were baked Milla’s lovely boss! Thanks Joyce. I’m still eating leftover cookies at the moment :).
How yummy do those strawberries look? The rose pomanders were handmade and purchased via etsy for $10 a piece (5 inch diameter). Andrea at Bella Bride Creations was nothing but professional and very prompt with the order. I can’t recommend her enough!
The small amount of french details really helped with the party atmosphere. To make the dessert backdrop we purchased a 4’x8′ insulation panel for $12 at Lowes and covered it in 3 yards of fabric. The fabric is Premier Prints Canopy Stripe in Baby Pink. I purchase via Warehouse Fabric Inc for $7.47/yd and the fabric arrived within 2 days. I wish I had removed the rack of potato salad before this picture was taken! Ah well.
The centerpiece featured a birdcage embellished with ribbons. The birdcage was purchased from Ross Dress for Less. I know I thought Ross Dress for Less sucked for decor items too! Now don’t be mistaken, the store is not HomeGoods. The most expensive birdcage was $8.99.
Yes that is Milla’s bedroom dresser at our party. It was a last minute decision, but I love that we decided to bring it. Someone threw a whole bunch of knick knacks on top, and we didn’t hate it. I’m assuming it was my brother. He has been paying attention! Speaking of our brother. I would like to give a shout out to him. He was the best brother ever on Saturday! We love you!
Look it’s the chevron chair! No one would be able to tell that I didn’t finish the back of the cushion. Shhh, our little secret. I’m happy with the look for now.
I still need to add a row of welting to the bottom of the chair for the finished look. I only was able to complete one chair, but it didn’t matter because there wasn’t room for the other chair anyway.
Her are some pics with some of our best friends since childhood.  We love them! I feel like I look so tired!! I’m in the fuchsia by the way.
Playing around, Charlie’s Angels style haha.  This is one of my favorite pictures.

Thank you for allowing us to share the party details with you all. We will be posting more frequently now that we have our lives back.

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6 Responses to The 25th Birthday Party is Over!

  1. Adventures in Dressmaking

    Gorge!! Looks like a great party! Looove the zigzag chair!

    • Kahli

      It was a great party! We slept until the afternoon the next day haha!

  2. Redlilocks {Swoon Worthy}

    Everything looks fantastic including you gorgeous girls! The chevron chair is all kinds of amazing and the pink party decor is super sweet! Looks like you had an amazing time and Happy Belated Birthday to you both! xxx

    • Kahli

      Thank you so much lady! I’m glad it’s over now!

  3. Jill @ Junky Vagabond

    Happy belated birthday! The table looked beautiful, as you girls did :) What in the world are you going to do five years from now to top this???

    • Kahli

      Thanks Jill! We have no idea! It was such a headache planning the 25th birthday haha.

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