Recent Purchases: New & Old

Hello lovelies! Sorry we took the week off. Our family reunion took place over the weekend, which we had to move inside because it rained all day long. However, we didn’t allow the weather to stop us from having fun! After the fun was over I fit in some time for shopping. I can always make time to shop!

gray and teal bedroom, teal desk, gray nailhead headboard, brass lamp

First up, is a beautiful brass lamp I bought from the Goodwill for a mere $10. I originally had a different brass lamp (pictured above), but it came as a pair and I was advised by Milla to move it back to the dining room. So that left me lamp-less for a few hours until I found this beauty!

It’s a nice a heavy brass lamp, I especially love the raised leaf design. Here’s a closeup. And that beauty to the left is my new  gold round mirror. I’m only showing a sneak peek because the room isn’t quite ready for full viewing. I bought the mirror from Marshalls for $39.99, aren’t the intertwined circles amazing!

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4 Responses to Recent Purchases: New & Old

  1. Katie @ Wildwood Creek

    Love the lamp and the mirror!

  2. Kim

    I saw that mirror at Marshall’s too weeks ago. I must go back for it. It definitely has a home above my bed. Looks great!

    • Kahli

      You must go back and get it! I love it on my room.

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