Run to your nearest Target!

I know I’m late, but have any of you been to Target lately! I was stunned by the selection of new decor they have in stock. I’m talking about some very stylish pieces. I spent about a good hour in Target cramming things into my cart, but I did manage to put a few things back even though it was difficult. Try to hold onto your wallet a little better than I did. I’m going to share with you all the lovely items that now reside in our home.

pink chevron and floral target pillows
Isn’t this pink chevron pillow a beauty!? I just knew they would be the perfect accent to Milla’s navy and turquoise bedroom and they’re only $19.99. Hurry, they are going fast and are already sold out online.

You didn’t think I could just leave the turquoise one there on the shelf, now did you? I didn’t purchase the gold lamp shade because I had no use for it, but it could really liven up a neutral room for $19.99. However, I did leave with two lampshades that were a good fit for the dining room.

gray trimmed lampshade
The gray trimmed lamp shade look great in dining room. You may have noticed that I didn’t remove the plastic yet, I do that to make sure I really love it. The glass lamp base is something I eyed for quite a bit, but again I have no use for it at the moment and $50 is a little more than I want to pay for just a lamp base.

I couldn’t find the prices for these rugs online, but I think they were about $15-20. I love the graphic patterns. The black and white could be used as a tapestry.

I purchased the decorative gold jewelry tree ($14.99) for Milla because it was just too darn cute to leave there! And last but not least, this decorative horse head ($24.99) it’s a large size too. Of course I didn’t buy though.

I must say that Target is becoming a great go to store for decorative items, right up there with Homegoods. Speaking of Homegoods, we need to get there one day this week and check out the inventory. So who’s going to Target?


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6 Responses to Run to your nearest Target!

  1. Bernadette @b3hd

    I TOTALLY need to get to Target. And TJ too…

    • Kahli

      I haven’t been to TJ Maxx in forever. I should stop in there tomorrow, not like I need another excuse to spend my money :(

  2. Bernadette @b3hd

    sadly, no Homegoods in my neighborhood. Ross scares me, Marshalls thinks I’ve got Nordstrom money and TJ Maxx was my love afair in upstate NY. Get some great finds there…paycheck…easy come, easier go.

    • Kahli

      Aww no Homegoods! I love that store. Yeah Ross is…I have found decent dresses in there though, but I stay away for decor items lol

  3. Milla

    Lol Bernadette you’re funny. Ross is scary though. It’s not organized. That’s probably why.

  4. Redlilocks {Swoon Worthy}

    I so so so wish they would bring Target to the UK. I always see so many gorgeous things on blogs and they are so reasonably priced! Those cushions are so cute and that lampshade I have pinned becaused I want to see if I can replicate it at home :) xxx

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