Shopping for Home Decor: Finding That Statement Piece

Hello all. I hope everyone is having a fabulous day! I’m not. The weather is terrible here in Maryland. It is barely 50 degrees, cloudy, windy and rainy. The weather basically sums up my mood and health perfectly. I’ve been sick for at least three days now, but that didn’t stop me from shopping with my favorite person (that’s Milla if y’all were wondering).

On Saturday, at 11 in the morning we left the house to start shopping, which was an early start for us. We had two main places on our agenda: The Antique Shopping District in Historic Ellicott City and Debois Textiles. We also stopped at HomeGoods & Ross and a few thrift stores. Here’s a snapshot of some of the gems we walked away. Note: I did not in any way attempt to style the items in this photo, but it somehow looks like I did. Kudos to me!

shopping for eclectic home decor accessories

You may have noticed that we brought a lot of figurines and sculpturesque decor. Initially, our motive for this shopping trip was to find a statement piece, or something that would stand out -since Milla is sick of me saying the word statement piece, haha. Anyway, I think we definitely achieved what we were looking for.

What is a statement piece?

Specifically, in home decor, a statement piece is an added piece of furniture or accessory used to enhance a room. I totally just made up that definition.

Our very first purchase of the day was this lovely brass Statue of David from the Wagon Wheel (it’s in the alley of the antique shopping district). Who doesn’t love a good bust? See what I did there?

brass bust statue of david brass bust statue of david
As usual, we have no idea where this is going, but for $55 it was too good of a deal to leave behind. And believe me this sucker is heavy! My arms can still feel the pain of that long walk back to the car. And did I mention that we had to walk up a steep hill too? Milla offered the idea of switching carrying duties every so often, but I feared that we would mistakenly drop the statue during the exchange and it would crash into pieces, followed by a car driving over it to finish it off. Milla is the clumsiest out of the two of us so I carried it like it was my first-born child.

We also went to some other antique stores with a range of prices, but didn’t see anything that spoke to us. However, we did purchase some nice fashion illustrations from Shoemaker Country, a company that specializes in custom furniture, but they have a lot of nice other decor items including art. They have a current sale going on 2 pieces of unframed art of any size for $10.

black and white fashion illustration costume and fashion illustration
Of course, I wanted to keep looking through the mountain stack of art, but after about 10 minutes Milla was ready to go. So this is all we left with. I’ll be sure to go back and see if we can find any other nice art. They also have fabric lots of 2 yards or less for under $12. I  wasn’t allowed to devote anymore time looking through fabric, because we had another store to get to. That store was Debois Textiles.

We’ve purchased fabric from there several times over the years for many projects, including these (click pictures to read more about the projects)

turquoise geometric-cane chair + cobalt blue desk vanity + white desk chair

turquoise yellow white and gray living room + thomas paul floral chair + gray & white chevron rug + yellow chevron pillow Pink Floral French Side Chair
Clearly, we love geometrics and florals. Here’s one of the fabrics we bought, and of course it is a geometric print.

yellow geometric fabric by Bryant Prints for Duralee yellow geometric fabric by Bryant Prints for Duralee
We haven’t decided if we want to upholster a pair of chairs with the fabric or use it for drapes. It all depends on how the rooms comes together, which at this point seems like never. But at least we are collecting great things in the meantime. We bought ten yards of it, but I’m thinking I’ll need some more.

Next stop, food break at Chick-Fil-A.We quickly scoffed down our first meal of the day at 5:00 PM. I know we should’ve eaten a while ago, bad twins! Sadly, we were still hungry twenty minutes later so we ate again, this time at Burger King. In between the food stops we went to a thrift store and Ross Dress for Less. We usually don’t go to Ross for any decor items because it is usually a waste of time, but we found a few nice things. Like the table below.

gold accent table chinoiserie carved vase with scenic chinese village
We purchased this chinoiserie carved vase for $14. It features a detailed hand-carved design of a chinese village. These things are selling elsewhere for over $100 a pop. This one on OneKingsLane is $199. And dare I say it ours looks better. I’ll have to research its worth because Milla’s fiance would definitely make us sell it to make some money. Next we headed to our favorite store. Homegoods! We purchased these two animal sculptures on two different days at two different Homegoods locations and paid less than $100 total for both. In fact, we only paid $80!

decorative dog statue sculpture decorative tiger statue sculpture
I’m aware that the tiger statue make look a little frightening, but once it receives a little paint in either a glossy white or gold finish, I think it’ll work perfectly in any space. The dog statue, which I believe is a Doberman (please correct me on this dog lovers) was $49.99. The tiger statue was $29.99.

white and turquoise ikat fabric napkins and tablecloth I found these turquoise and white ikat napkins and tablecloths in the kitchen aisle at TJ Maxx. Did I forget to mention that we also went there??? I have plans to sew pillows covers from the napkins. While using the tablecloths for a pair of curtains and also upholster some seats. We bought 3 tablecloths total and two packs of napkins which has 4 20×20 in each, perfect size for pillows. Each pack of napkins is $6.99. The tablecloth comes in varying sizes, with prices ranging from $14.99-$19.99. I’ll have enough left over fabric for other projects too. Buying napkins and tablecloths is a cost effective way to get a lot of fabric for cheaper prices than buying by the yard. This post is super duper long now so let me shut up for now. I hope y’all enjoyed our massive search for statement pieces.


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  1. Maria

    Oh, you did very well! Amazing stuff! I went to Debois last week and got some nice fabric as well! I was excepting the $2/yard sale they had going on, but it looks it had ended. Looking forward to see your outside the box projects with the napkins and tablecloths.

    • Kahli

      We went on Saturday. Were you there then because you may have seen us? Lol. Also did you get the link on your blog to purchase the living social deal?

  2. MY

    I was there on Thursday, and of course that I was itching to use the living social voucher. Thank you again for the tip!

    • Milla

      Oh great! We were worried that you didn’t see the link.

  3. Kathy

    You certainly have found some marvelous statement pieces – that was a very productive, purposed shopping trip! I will be featuring your post in this week’s Home and Garden Thursday,

    • Milla

      Aww a feature! Thanks so much Kathy.

    • Marilee

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