Last Night’s Shopping Trip to Joann’s

Hello lovelies! Happy Wednesday to you all. And if you live around the Maryland area, I hope you enjoyed this beautiful weather the past couple of  days.

Anyhoo as you will notice from the post title…Kah and I took  a shopping trip to Jo-Ann’s last night. It wasn’t a planned trip, at least not for me. I was not informed that we weren’t going straight home from work until we drove by our exit. Apparently, I would’ve complained if I was told in advance. But I was actually cool with it since we haven’t been there in a while according to the cashier who said she missed us. Funny right?

So, I have a love/hate relationship with Jo-Ann’s. In my opinion they are great for most things other than non-basic home decor fabric. If you go to the quilting fabric section, you will find plenty of bright color schemes and high quality designs. For example, either of these two coordinating fabrics below would look great on an arm chair or if you’re really bold, a sofa or love seat.

Stonehill Collection Fabric-Retro Active Main Floral Purple

Stonehill Collection Fabric-Retro Active Stripe Multi

These two fabrics are currently on sale online and in store for $6.99/yard, regular price is $9.99. They are also 100% cotton. Now I don’t much about quilting fabrics, but I’m going to assume that they are not made for the dual purpose of upholstering aside from an occasional side chair or throw pillow.

Here is one more fabric just to rub it in…

Stonehill Collection Fabric-Blue Floral

Now I could not find this particular fabric online but I believe it is $9.99/yard. Sorry I didn’t catch the brand. It might be available at most Jo-Ann locations.

There were plenty more reasonably price and gorgeous quilting fabrics to choose from, but of course we were looking for upholstery weight, so on to the Home Decor section I went.

I think the problem I have with the home decor fabrics is that most of them are overpriced because of the brand name like Waverly or Robert Allen. And most of the fabric styles are traditional and don’t fit our design style. Therefore we aren’t willing to shell out $20/yard for something we “sort of liked.”

So I found two fabrics under $11/yard that I liked. There wasn’t much to look at since most of the choices I’ve seen every time I visit Jo-Ann’s. That’s another pet peeve.

45'' Home Essentials Print Fabric-Maritoile Sunblue

However, this one above was new to me. It’s designed by the Home Essentials brand. It is on sale online for $7.69. The online photo does not seem to present its true colors. It also 100% cotton.

45" Home Essentials Fabric-Fairy Dust

Kah and I agreed that the coordinating stripe and dot fabric would look excellent in a girl’s nursery. Maybe for the crib bedding or a armchair. I believe these were under $10/yard. It doesn’t seem that this is currently available on Jo-Ann’s Website, but the name on the labels read 45″ Home Essentials CINTRA PANORAMA FAIRY DUST.

Anyway, rather than gripe about Jo-Ann’s choices or lack thereof, we will continue to purchase fabrics online. We’ve had some success with and Warehouse Fabrics and even Etsy. I will soon try Hawthorne Threads, have any of you had success with them before? Please let us know via comments.

 Oh and if you had success upholstering with quilting fabrics, drop us a line. Until next time…

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8 Responses to Last Night’s Shopping Trip to Joann’s

  1. cassie

    you know what…. we should go to college park ikea as they still carry fabric there! joann’s is always disappointing!

    • Kahli

      Yes Joann’s does tend to be a major disappointment. Does the whitemarsh Ikea no longer carry fabric? I haven’t even looked lately!

    • Milla

      You are so right…Jo-Ann’s is always disappointing. I just sigh when I walk through the front door lol. I haven’t checked out the College Park Ikea fabric section.

      • Andrea

        I’m so jealous! I wish I had an IKEA to go to! Louisiana is always the last place to get cool stores!

        • Milla

          Aww I’m sorry about Louisiana lol. I’m glad we’re not the only two that feels this way about Jo-Ann’s.

        • Zaiyah

          Thanks guys, I just about lost it lokniog for this.

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  2. Andrea

    Totally agree w you on Joann’s. I rarely go into mine anymore. You need to check out spoon (1word,my autocorrect changed it). Fabulous fabrics, reasonably priced! I have spent days trying to look at everything on there! I think you will enjoy it!

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