Sibling Competitiveness: Artistic Style

Despite the title, I’m not competing with Kah to create art for our gallery. In truth, I just needed a catchy title. And it works because Kah already created a painting and last night I decided to try my hand at something. It wasn’t as elaborate as the technique Kah used, but it was a little more personal to me, well us. I tried some typography art with some watercolors. It’s our birth year.

1987 Typography Art by Design Par Deux

So as you can see above, I started with just an outline of the numbers with bracket details. I love brackets in typography. They’re always so fancy.

To perfectly draw the numbers I traced them by laying my paper over my laptop screen and Ta-da, crisp and straight numbers.

1987 Typography Art by Design Par Deux

Then I filled in the outline with water colors. I chose teal for the numbers of course and black for the brackets.

Afterward, Kah and I debated over what the background should look like. Since I didn’t have a concrete idea, I somewhat allowed Kah to assist. We blended pinks and purples across the background using brushes varying in sizes from wide to fine tip.  We came up with this below.  Kah, thought it needed more so we followed with a splattered technique.1987 Typography Art by Design Par Deux

To create the splatters that you see here, wet a wide tip brush and dip it in the paint, then while hovering over your drawing, take the brush and tap it across your index finger. Most of the splatters will fall in random places.

Next, we agreed that it needed more water colors because most of our gallery art is currently black and white. We desired a more bold effect.  Check it out below.

1987 Typography Art by Design Par Deux

At first, we wondered that we might have went overboard, but it looks great framed in gold with white mat (not pictured) and it’s graphically intense just as we like it. So this is what boredom and a desperate need for art gets you. Now we only have to create 15 more maybe. I tell you, sometimes being thrifty and cost effective sucks.

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Milla is the other half of the Design Par Deux duo. She enjoys finding design inspiration in all things creative. She has an unhealthy obsession with the color Turquoise.

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  1. Katie @ Wildwood Creek

    Love your creative, original piece of art! I think it’s a very fun project to come up with designs to frame. Even empty frames are pretty on a wall until you find pieces to fill in.

    • Milla

      Thanks Katie! That’s exactly what we have going on until we find art or we’re inspired to create some

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