Sneak Peek: Girls Bedroom and a Missing Car

We’ve been talking so much about this girl’s bedroom that we’ve been working on and we’re still not finished…Grrr! It’s not our fault though. There were a few setbacks, like a vent above the window that didn’t allow us to install the anchors to hang the drapes. Why must apartments do this? It has happened in at least one other room we’ve designed. It’s like that at the last minute the contractors realized that they put the air duct above the window so they constructed a drop ceiling to conceal it, which is uneven and covers some of the window. It’s quite unsightly. Anyway, we have to purchase shorter  anchors and go back to install.

We were there for several hours, but nightfall came quickly so we were only able to get one sneak peek photo of the room.

Hot Pink Closet Sneak Peek

Loving the Hot Pink Closet!

Hot Pink Closet Sneak Peek

Here is a different angle. You can see more of the Chalkboard

We were prepared to take more pictures but as we were leaving to pack up the car we looked out the window and realized that our car was gone. It wasn’t stolen. It was towed. Here we are at almost midnight with these heavy paint supplies and nowhere to put them. The car was towed from our friend’s complex. Why? Because we didn’t have a parking pass. Why didn’t we get a parking pass? Because the leasing office is closed on the weekend. Why didn’t my friend get a parking pass on Friday? The leasing office closes early on Fridays and you’re supposed to pick up a daily parking pass just in case you’re expecting a visitor. Crazy right?

Our friend felt so guilty that she was knocking on strangers’ doors in her complex to ask if we could borrow their car. A nice guy of whom she only knows his wife actually woke up and changed his clothes to take us. It was almost 1 am. Wasn’t that so nice of him?

We’re supposed to go back to her house this weekend to finish. We’ll make sure there is a parking pass waiting for us before we get there.

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6 Responses to Sneak Peek: Girls Bedroom and a Missing Car

  1. Jill

    Just goes to show there are good people in the world! Love the room so far, especially the colors.

    • Kahli

      Thanks Jill! Yes there are good people out there still. And I’m sure we didn’t look the least bit threatening to him :). We hope to be able to finish the room this weekend!

  2. Shannon

    OMG!!! That is some decor drama. So glad you got a ride. What a wonky parking process. Look forward to the reveal.

    • Kahli

      Yes it was a lot of drama! I’ve told her to get a parking pass daily just in case we show up haha.

  3. Shari

    Hi Ladies! I just wanted to let you know that I have awarded you the “Versatile Blogger” award! Here is the link:

    Please pass it on.


    • Kahli

      Oh wow that is great! I have no idea how this works so I’m off to your blog to figure out how to do it. Thanks again :)

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