Stress-free Shopping at Ikea

I’d consider myself a very productive person in the morning- if I’m already up that is. During the week I’m usually up before 9 to drop Milla off at her respective job.  After dropping her off I’ll get back home by 9:30 and since I don’t have to go to work til after 1, that gives me plenty of time to complete necessary projects or shopping trips.

Most days, my shopping trips involve stopping at every goodwill or thrift store within a 20 miles radius, but today I decided to take my money over to Ikea. Ikea and I have a very good relationship and while my house is not completely furnished with Ikea I do like to mix pieces from there with thrifted items for a unique look.

I didn’t have any particular products in mind when I walked in, sometimes I just go for inspiration. First stop: The “As is” bin. I spotted a good amount of gems and here’s what I picked up today:

Alvine Kvist Duvet set
This white and gray floral duvet Alvine Kvist set cost me $10. It’s currently listed at $39.99. I’m not sure where I want to put it, but I knew I didn’t want to leave it there.


I wasn’t really sure what this was at first…while the front side is child-friendly look at the backside and those stripes! So much potential right? I thought I could make some great pillowcases at the very least and for $5 that was a good deal. After a quick search, I found out it was a crib duvet cover.

Pair of Merete Curtains

I scored these pair of white grommet curtains for $10 a panel- a $10 savings from the current $30 price tag. These curtains are great, high-style for a low price.

I finished up my shopping trip with the purchase of some much-needed items-a broom, dustpan, and iron board. At the mention of these items you’d probably think that my house hasn’t been swept and my clothes haven’t been ironed. And you’d be right if this was an hour ago. No worries, we just needed a new set and the iron board will replace the dining table as the go to iron board

On my way out I spotted this lovely floral pillow for $10, but I didn’t buy it because I wanted to stay under $60 for my total transaction. I think I’ll go back and buy it later though since it was in the “Last Chance” section.

Gilda Blom Throw Pillow

So, have you been to Ikea lately? What did you find in your “As-is” section?

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