Thrifty Finds: Fabulous Cane Sofa & Chair

Who loves thrifty finds? We certainly do, and look at this beauty we scored on Craigslist! For a mere $65…

and it included a matching chair! Jackpot! This set will live comfortably in my aunt’s home.

I really love the details, everything from the finials to the caning. We have plans to reupholster the set. We’re thinking something bold for the side chair and something subtle for the sofa.

I’ll be back later with some inspiration photos hopefully…the search begins!


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4 Responses to Thrifty Finds: Fabulous Cane Sofa & Chair


    THANKS Kahli that is a 65$ gold rush. I will enjoy this sofa and chair for a long time.

  2. cassie

    what a find!

    • Kahli

      I know! We were surprised too!

  3. D @ The Shady Porch

    Wow! Awesome snag! I agree the details are nice! I’m gonna have to shop Craigslist more!

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